March Energies – Key Words Liberation, Clearing, Clarity, Purpose

Mountains ImageThis month, do not get distracted, keep moving forward while releasing your old realities. Unbeknown to many of us, are the many disguises that the distractions can have. The purpose of these distractions are to keep us busy, so we don’t move forward into a more expansive, prosperous and joyful life.

March is the about being very clear of your own patterns of distractions and obstacles that are put on your path, to either stall or slow down your progress, especially the first part of March and specifically, March 01 to March 14th. It’s okay to move forward and not go back into old contracts, into old ways of being.

In the next 2 weeks, there are pockets of intensity. It is difficult for me to describe exactly what is unfolding. The Energy play looks like fractal light projecting in our Reality, creating pools, mirrors of many other realities or plays. What does this mean? Energetically, you are bumping into other aspects of yourself and reality, which can cause a feeling of being ungrounded with no time frame. You might be feeling distant from many situations or people. It’s time to balance when to be still and when to act, when to communicate and when to observe. We are in a rapid mid-stream of light travel. This is causing ever-changing choices and movement. Don’t take things personally if situations occur that require you to move on. You will know if this applies to you.

March 8/9 is a total Solar eclipse. Do not allow negativity to enter the Sacredness that is you. Certain feelings or projections might come up during this two week period. These feelings or scenarios invoke the old dogma, the outmoded techniques to keep one separate and disempowered. How will you know this is occurring? If you start feeling judged or judgement, criticism or criticised, a good dash of persecution, or a sprinkle of confusion, centre yourself and bring in the clear soft pink of the liquid Rose Quartz light, down the centre of your being. With love, pick yourself up and keep moving.

A lot of energy will be stirred up around the heart centre, solar plexus, thymus and throat. The frequency and light that is coming through at this time is very pristine. It is white gold light. This frequency is indeed exquisite, and you will benefit greatly if you are conscious to move away from the attachments of the Ego. Our stuff will be coming up, it is meant to. The key is to allow it to move through you. Know that the intensity that some will feel or go through is the undoing of restrictions and rigidity.

Remember these are the days of purging, releasing, receiving and acceptance. The old moving out, the new coming in simultaneously. In March, be aware of what is keeping you distracted and busy. These are the delay tactics of the Ego.

On the Collective World stage, we will see a distinct increase of the Divine Feminine expressing through many avenues of Consciousness. More courageous voices will be heard. There will be a focus of the waterways (rivers, oceans, lakes, bays) at this time.

Totem for this time – Black Cockatoo and Bat

You can look at these sites for meaning of the Animal totems or

I have recorded an Activation – White Gold to accompany these energies. The energies are high frequency and laser like.  This activation brings through the White Gold liquid light through the Sirius and Orion doorways. Please subscribe here to receive the link to this activation, you’ll then receive the energies and activations each month plus any updates to assist you in these times X

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  1. Gaye Willox

    Thank you. with love

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