Energy Lines & Grid points of MU

Rose Quartz Nancy‘It is Saturday night 11.50pm and soon I will go in, to begin a shift, working with the energy lines and grid points of MU’.

Last week I spoke to my cousin, that the Pacific Ocean is rumbling. I have had an influx of my Ancestral Family arriving in our home for the last 2 weeks. I do not have full understanding of what it means, except change is afoot in our part of the World.

‘It is 3.40am. Shifts on the ocean floor opening up, crevices revealing light and vibrations of Ancient MU. A Cleansing occurring, a resetting of the timeline. New Alignments created under the Citadel of Galaxies returning.’

In this Week of this Full Moon, a Major Shift of the Earths Assemblage point will occur and the preparation of this has been felt in the last 2 weeks. Some of you have felt a surge of frustration and nervousness. This is the shift of polarity occurring within you. In the last week, some have been pushed to their limits.

‘I am awake at this moment as Cyclone Winston is moving through the Tablelands of MU.’

Some have felt like they are going to be sick if they hear the words ‘Trust and Faith’ one more time. Just know right now, the key word is Dislodgement. It’s not complicated, yet it’s too intricate at this time (4:14am), to describe the simultaneous purging of the penalising contracts of the personal and historical loops of us and the Earth. Movement is Occurring through the waterways and I dare say it, Trust and have Faith.

If possible and if it resonates with you, it will help immensely to put one of these Crystals (small tumble stone versions are fine), into the ocean, rivers, lakes or Bays. This will help with Anchoring Support and strengthen the Shifts that are happening on Earth.

– Rose Quartz
– Malachite
– Turquoise

Thank you X

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