The heart is a infinite landscape

logo heart smallWe have entered a time on the planet and in the cosmos where the initiations of the Heart must be brought into conscious acceptance.

To enter the heart chambers; to live from the heart; to express from the heart; to truly love all beings; to view all and everything from the heart; to create from the heart; and to return to the heart is the journey we make after the fall from grace, from lifetime to lifetime.

Learning, expressing, discovering, uncovering, and now remembering it’s all about the Heart.

Many Ancients have spoken of a time when humanity must open all its seals and grow awareness to step into the fullness of these times and to assist in elevating and uplifting this great planet.

We cannot continue to create from separation.

Now is the time to go through the many chambers of the Heart. Now we must transmute our experience of living through our mind, our feelings and our stories into a new way of living from the Heart.

The Heart is much more than what has been said, revealed or taught to us in the past. The Heart is the central pillar of grand magnitude where great beings such as our selves may gather.

Every healing, every awakening, every creation throughout our lives is really about the deep yearning to Return Home to the Heart.


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2 responses to “The heart is a infinite landscape

  1. As you say Nancy we cannot continue to create from separation!! Is this perhaps why racism, for example, is really impacting me? I find myself feeling terribly distressed … To the point of tears. I was wondering if it’s my emotional awareness……. I AM in the WE ARE. there is no feeling of separation… It feels like it’s happening to me. I feel the pain. I do hope this makes sense.

    • Hello Nicki, I understand what you are feeling and going through at this time, My understanding is when we start to Truly awaken and move out of separation, we go through times , where our senses are heightened to what is in Separation, disempowerment.You are feeling the emotions of Separation within us , collectively and historically. On another level your cells, your pores are opening releasing the old, allow the tears to assist in the release, use the technique of visioning your tears as liquid Rose Quartz. Remember no Stories, feel what you are feeling, honour the Journey of the Soul , and Beautiful Nicki, Celebrate the Deep Union of Spirit and the HuWoman meeting within you at this time………ps don’t believe the Rumours of the Mind X lol

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