February, it is an exciting time.

February Energies In this month of February, opportunities can appear out of the blue, bringing in the new for you to step into.

February will move fast. Be very aware of the distractions that come up to keep you busy in the old thinking patterns. There are subtle but powerful energies in the air. These energies are what I call portals of creation. All you need is clarity, peace, and forgiveness to move through this space.

Clarity in this Month, is to be clear within, holding no distractions of less than, better than of any of the old stuff that keeps you in a loop. Being aware is enough to start the “unplug” when it comes up.

Peace – allowing yourself to find this daily or to end your day in this state, as you close your eyes to move into this place, creates a release and then an expansion, activating the cells to vibrate at a certain frequency which assists in moving into your New.

Forgiveness – no longer being attached to the should and shouldn’t. Forgiveness is the big one, because it allows yourself to move on without any attachments to outcomes, to experiences. It brings in an opening of these portals of creation.

Make-A-Wish in February, and Believe in them. It is really about making the wish and then getting out of the way. We have been conditioned to not believe in the power and reality of the unexpected realms like magic, miracles, and out of blue moments and surprises from the Universe, because we have been attached to specific outcomes. We suggest to forget about the end result, the payoff, etc and just get back into believing in your fairies, unicorns and peace, love on Earth.

Control factors within us and on the planet have contributed to separation and imbalances. We have been in a space for such a long time of Survival Consciousness and control is birthed from this space. To start loosening the shackles of this, is to play in the realms of “imagination” (the nation, land of images) which will make you feel good, adventurous, happy, excited and hopeful (ingredients in the pot of Gold), which will then emanate from your being, your pores, yourself, and this will create your reality, for this is the vibration that you are Emanating.

In February, no matter what is happening on the World stage, or what is being thrown at you, find time to connect with the magic of play, laughter and creation. February is the shortest month and this year we have a leap year, so take that leap onto your bejewelled path of dragonflies.

I can’t get into what is unfolding on the World stage (and there is a lot and will be more) politically and environmentally, but just for this article, I wanted to focus on a moment of creating magic from the realm that we stay in, for such a short time in our childhood. This is a Key to unshackle us from the maze of Survival and Distraction, that indeed keeps us in a loop that feeds the subtle ego, and Fear.

It only takes a moment daily to go there.

Create Magic, your magic X

I have also recorded an Activation which is very powerful, it is the 3rd “Liquid Gold Activation”. If you would like to receive this Activation, please subscribe and each month you will automatically receive one via email to assist you  with the energies around.



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3 responses to “February, it is an exciting time.

  1. Sue Tropiano

    Very exciting, i Will read again, so i dulu try to understand wajar i must do. Thanku Nancy! 💚

  2. G W

    Hallo – Thank you for all the wonderful emails.     But, today, the new one will only talk for about  1/4 andjust sits there, I have tried all the old ones and they do the same, (or won’t open at all)   I am guessing you will tell me it is my machine – but – just in case not so, I am writing to ask could it be coming from your end.   I look forward to your reply.   Love receiving these they are just what need.  Thanks.   love Gaye

    • Hi Gaye,
      Sorry I didn’t see your email earlier. Our server did have an issue so please try again, if you haven’t already as it is OK now. Glad you like reading my the articles you might want to actually subscribe so that you receive any articles from me before they go onto the website. As a subscriber, you will also receive the audio Activations I record that assist you navigate the Monthly Energies. Here
      Regards Nancy

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