January Energies Update

The Golden Age

The Golden Age

Gentle Focus

I would say that the rest of January is about gentle focus. It is time to move forward with grace and focus, gentle focus. With this kind of focus you can move through these times, making a lasting and subtle effect on your daily moments, to move into balance of creation and stillness, giving and receiving, letting go and allowing.

We are being asked to gently shut the door to the past, to certain relationships and ways of being. Some have already been experiencing the effects of transmutation that is happening within themselves. This will continue but in shorter bursts. Then you should feel an expansion within and around you, and it’s during these moments that you should gently focus on feelings of peace, ease, abundance, and just feeling good should be inhaled deeply. To do this is to create a new pathway that would be tended to, and grow bountiful in between the moments of purging and release of the old ways.

I feel that February is truly the beginning of the new year, so in these last weeks of January, there is a call to find balance and alignment to your light, for many have been dealing with the shadows in the land of self. Have courage to move forward and recognise that judgement does not make you feel good, it keeps you distracted from how Beautiful you are. Gently focus on the truth of peace and love that you are and when you do not feel good, recognise that it is the old dogma of self, leaving. When you focus gently on your light, you allow it to grow and move forward, creating a bejewelled path, that you will manifest what emanates from your being.

In these last weeks of January, you will have opportunities to let go of the harshness of your reality, to make room for the gentleness of creation coming through. We talk about bringing heaven to earth and these are the times we are moving into. Love is the quest, love is the journey, and love is what greets us at our arrival. So ultimately we are going through an evolution, revolution in all ways. Fear was born from forgetting and these are the days of remembering.

I have recorded an Activation that comes from what is known as “The Golden Age” or the “Golden City – Shamballa” to assist that is strong and powerful.  Please subscribe here to receive this Activation. You will also receive the Monthly Energies and Activations each month via email.

Keywords – Peace, Grace, Allowing, LOVE X

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