Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2016!

Wings - Alignment Manifestation

Happy New Year Video recorded first thing this morning

I recorded this Video message for you at first light this morning. Love, Connection, a time to get excited at the divine Christed Consciousness alightment coming in. I look forward to the Journey with you in 2016.

I then recorded part 2 of Alignment Manifestation Activation. You can receive links to part 1 & 2 by adding your email details here.

Transcript of Video
Welcome to 2016.
How exciting!  We are about to embark on an incredible journey in time in the next 4 years leading us to 2020. It begins today. Transformation, Awakening, Connection.

2016 heralds in a time where are lives personally, globally and collectively is about to go through a major transformation. We have already seen some of these transformations, in our lives and on the planet. What we are moving into is a time (if you choose to experience) of love and heaven on earth. You will experience this through You the divine light and vessel. You are the key to great changes in your life and on this planet mother earth.

Some of you, in fact most of us, are still moving through clearing our fears and our old stuff. This will happen more rapidly especially in the next 2 months. Allow it to happen, have the courage, you are just letting go of old stuff. The more you let go of the old and your fears, you have more room inside of you to hold the light, to receive and hold the light. When you receive and hold the light within your being, you will emanate this wherever you go and this emanation will create the life and love that is your divine sovereignty of being.

You have all chosen to be here at this time to experience heaven on earth and 2016 heralds this in. Know that during this time there will be quick changes. Some of you will have to make decisions in a moment. Trust that whatever decision you make is the right one, there are no mistakes, there are just many paths. None of you will miss a boat, none of you will not be on time for this time that begins today goes beyond those old paradigms. We are all on a journey and each of us is moving according to our own unique way of being.

We would just like to share with you that this is the time of what we call the golden light, the new consciousness, Christ consciousness being birthed within and around us. During this time, within the next 3 -4 months you will see amazing revelations on the bigger picture, in fact other worldly revelation will be made know on the bigger picture and in the main stream, there is a lot of movement in the heavens. There will be changes that will continue to happen on ground level to do with the structures being dismantled, that are in frequency with the old way.

Know that everything is indeed wondrous, do not go into fear please, if you have to suddenly move or change employment or there is a change that will occur. Please remember these words to connect to the bigger picture of you. “This is happening because I am needed to be in a certain place at a certain time, to be on my path entering whole new way.”  This whole new way puts you right in the middle of your journey, co-creating with the part of you are in wisdom that are more accessible as we move into 2016. Remember that the only thing that can delay you or cause angst are the parts of you that are in fear, it’s the parts of you that struggle to accept how awesome you are. So we call that the “old stuff”.

2016 is about connection, moving into love of self and as we greet this new day with this awesome sunrise, we would like to say Happy 2016 a time of connection, it is the “I am in the We are” which means stepping into your I am presence through connection. The return of love, the return of you that is love.

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January 1, 2016 · 9:19 pm

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