Energy update until January 6

Photo by Mark Brombal

This period of time is potent, powerful and very exciting. It is recommended that you align yourself with a reality, vision of yourself that is in a space and knowing of high Manifestation.

You can do this by visualising or meditating – connecting to what works for you, to your higher Self or to the higher parts of you that do indeed exist. This is an opportunity at this time to lay down the new foundations of what you want to unfold in your physical reality.

Astrologically, all the planets are moving forward till January 6th. This is a major opening, window and portal of Manifestation that we are in. Trust your higher self knows exactly what is required. All you need to do is adjust and lift your vibration. Meditate, visualise or affirm what it is that you would like to manifest. Prepare your physical body by cleansing, eating well and moving your body. Prepare and strengthen your vessel to hold more light so you may receive the gift of new according to you. We are moving into the realms of experiencing Heaven on Earth.  Our complexity and simplicity have joined forces at the moment as we go through our processes.

I have recorded an Activation to assist in aligning with the part of you that exists in the timeline of you that is in co-creation with the manifested realities of empowerment, abundance, Divine Synchronicity, and Gratitude.  I will be recording another one this week, for I have been guided to do so. This will be published on 01 January 2016. To receive the Alignment Manifestation 2 Activation, please add you name & email details here.

Please take note that the activation is very strong. Some will feel light body Symptoms as your energy fields open and expand. Some will experience a clearing, so you may hold more light frequency. If you are going through a very highly emotional time, please do not do the activation. These activations are like lasers of light with high dimensional Frequency coming through. Do not listen to while driving.

Thank you X

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