Mary Christ Mas

Carnac MagicMary Xmas everybody, may the joy and lightness of this time multiply and may you even in a short moment, allow the feelings of Nostalgia, whether from this timeline or another Lifetime embrace you in the Innocence of hope and festivity.

Right now many doorways and portals surround you. What you attune to in the next 2 days can create magic, and the long lost truth of Christ Mas revealed.

I have heard in the airwaves this word “Surrender,” and I asked “what does that actually mean?”

The reply is ….. Let go to each moment, to all experiences and you will move with natural Grace and Synchronicity. Letting go is trusting yourself, to follow your knowing or inner feeling. This time of Xmas be present, no need to take flight or fight. Surrender in each moment, let go, mindfulness, soulfulness, be peace.

These are the delicate moments where the Sacred Union of Divine love will come through. The Divine Feminine will set your table as you gather with family, friends or own your own, with the heralding of a returning to Love. These are delicate yet profound moments, openings in the portals of Co-creations, and indeed you will feel it when you let go, and unwind. Stop and smell the Roses, smile at a child and be patient with the collective, as we move about scratching our heads. There is the golden light of SHE emerging, revealing, to access this is to start the journey to connection.

Observe and allow love to be felt, no story, no reason, and then feel the movement of the Universe within you.

Wishing you a very Mary Mary Christ Mas X

This post has specific vibrations and sacred codes being gifted to you.

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