Energies for December

December Energies - Carnac 2015As I tune into the messages to be received for this month of December, I take a deep breath in and slowly exhale, allowing myself to be still, observe and to feel the gentleness of this day.

December is going to come in and go out very quickly. We are required to balance ourselves in each moment, in every day. Many of you are continuously going through major changes within yourselves and you’re not feeling like the same person that you were, even as close as yesterday. There is a potent, deep resurgence entering your being, so allow yourself to have moments of connection of gentleness and reflection for yourself, with yourself. You will have moments to review your journey, so take this opportunity to release any unfinished business that haunts you. A good way to do this, is to forgive, as forgiveness creates space and lightness in your being, preparing you to receive the new coming in.

It’s time to become unstuck and clear the residue. Remnants of judgements and criticism of yourself are just distractions. In this month of December, some of us will have sudden events that will be unexpected and a surprise. The changing of the guard is occurring again and you might feel that your post is left unguarded. In the higher realms there is a lot of movement around you, as much is going on, to align you with a new path, a new reality. That is why you will feel great one minute and then very odd the other. Many days will feel surreal. It is time for you to have moments of celebration and play, to lift any heaviness. There is an abundance of gifts coming in and you will get glimpses of this around December 15 – the potent times will be from December 21 to January 2.

These are also the dates where the World stage will be in focus. Try and not get pulled into Fear or distracted with certain events. When we allow the events of the World to throw us off course, it affects our ability to hold peace and to emanate peace . A small moment daily to be in stillness and gentleness will direct us to where and how we can assist our lives and the bigger picture.

Some of you are being visited by unfinished business of certain issues. Remember, you have not gone backwards. This is just a very short time to complete an experience or events, before the new reality comes in. Try and not get caught in fear and judgement. Have the courage to move through this. If you can view the bigger picture of your journey, it will assist in aligning to resolution, understanding, and Your higher Self. We call this time the Alpha and Omega passages .

Each time you clear, you have more space and expansiveness in your Energy field to hold more light, Abundance and the new coming in.

Keywords for December are Gratitude, Forgiveness and Trust.

* December 11th – I have dreamt of this date in the last week , 3 times now not sure what it means, but feel the urge to share , I will keep you posted  X

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7 responses to “Energies for December

  1. Loved this and definitely feeling all you have mentioned. Thank you

  2. Gaye Willox

    My Birthday is the 11th Dec. I’ll be 74 – Any information appreciated. Cann’t see where/what to do/go. Thank you

  3. Yvette

    Hello Nancy,

    Thank you for sharing the energy update for December. I love hearing from you.
    I was wondering if you could answer this question for me…
    Ive been feeling very lethargic unmotivated & have been having trouble falling asleep then waking often in the early hrs of the morning until i finally get up at around 6am.
    Also my body feels very heavy. Is this all to do with the energies coming thru ?
    There seem to be a lot of other people i know feeling exactly the same way & have been for some months?? Thanks Nancy 💜

    • It has to do with the Energies , there is a Quantum shift occurring , the tiredness is because we are going through many shifts on all levels while being plugged into the collective consciousness which will effect us also, the Density of our Separation, and old Dogmas are being Cleansed, hence the physical experiences we are having.Speeding up in the Earths Sphere is effecting our sleep and timelines X

  4. Thank you Nancy always lovely to read your December messages
    Yes unfinished business of some issues poping back glad to hear it is only for short time . I put myself in the Violet flame to avoid getting caught in fear and judgement . not easy sometime . I feel blessed I am not living in a bombarding and terrorist areas so my little issues are nothing comparing at what some beings are living right now…
    Much love and healing light towards beings in fear, hunger, and suffering
    I wish you well Nancy .. Agnes

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