Awakening Through The Heart Workshop – The Gathering

If you’ve wondered what goes on in an Awakening Through the Heart workshop, here is an introduction video from Sundays Awakening Through The Heart “The Gathering” in Sydney.  I was told this workshop had to happen before the 2015 Climate Summit (COP21) in Paris and was a continuation of my assignment to Brittany in September.  This was my first opportunity to not only share the energies of the Sacred Journey to France but also to share some of the Beloved Teachings I received in the South of France from the energy many know as Mary Magdalene. At this workshop, we were also graced with her presence and that of many beautiful beings and were given the opportunity to ask questions of Mary Magdalene through me at the end of the workshop.

We’ll be sharing more from the Workshop in the coming weeks, the teaching, clearing of  yourself within to make more space to manifest for yourself and for the collective, which is the new term “I am in the We are”.  So please enjoy this 3 minute intro and subscribe to receive more by email. Signing up is free and you will also receive the Energies for the Month and an Activation to assist, plus any other information that will assist you in Awakening Through The Heart.

Hope to see you at the next workshop in 2016. x

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