November Energies Update

Nov Energies UpdateThe nature of our being, is being transformed at this time of our collective evolution. We are returning to a more organic consciousness that calls for us to remember and to reinstate our sovereignty of self, through connection. There is an intricate and delicate weaving occurring in the fabric of our lives. It requires us to choose the threads that connect us to a higher probability of PEACE on Earth. It can be very difficult to explain what’s going on in many places upon this earth. I have been told that the many realities we are witnessing are the same old stories that have been played out continuously throughout history and our timeline. We are entering a period of time where many stories will now be deactivated or played out. In the next 16 to 18 months, we will see upon this planet a great movement, a shift, a purging and release of the old and this will happen more often.

There is nothing to fear. The old establishments, the old structures that have been in our lives and in the collective, are now falling. There are power struggles occurring on the big picture and within us. It can be distracting, for it can send us into fear and judgement. A “them and us mentality” can occur which will affect our ability to be clear and courageous and to move into the new on many levels. When we go into the fear and judgement of these times, it keeps us in disempowerment and separation.

What is hidden is now being revealed. The shadow of a collective pain is now calling for redemption. Many will literally relocate and move homes or even move to other countries in the next 16 to 18 months. Some will start feeling the need to travel more. On the bigger vibrational picture, this is occurring because many are being guided to be in certain areas for a certain time, where we will be exactly where we need to be, as part of the divinely orchestrated glitch to this timeline. (I will be able to go into this more in the ©Beloved Teachings).

We carry beliefs, patterns and programs in our bodies. Right now, our lower backs, hips and stomach areas are being affected. We carry a lot of pain that is connected to shame, guilt, and self-judgement that affects our ability to truly connect and express love in many ways, and in our lives freely.

Many are being revisited by the past in Dreams and waking life, I call this the Departure of ghosts from the past, which will cause a heavy tiredness, and might affect your breathing and sinus. These past memories, visits, or sudden appearances is an indication that you are spring cleaning yourself from the hidden corners within you. The energy around might feel thick and dense, this is because of a lifting occurring of this old you. The Ocean and Green tea is a great help.

In the next couple of weeks, remember the old and the new are happening simultaneously and the old might be more intense as it is leaving. This is a residue that is thick and stubborn which at the moment is causing a tired hangover feeling. Any form of energy/body work that you resonate with and feel at ease with is beneficial. Your body is trying very hard to eliminate the toxins that you have accumulated on your journey, so your mind can have clarity to align with your heart, to make decisions and be in a place of empowerment through Compassion.

Heaven and Earth meet in the centre of you, to give birth to which the new consciousness is coming through. You are the gatekeeper of all of your selves returning in the centre of your heart, proclaiming now in the present, gifting, returning to Love X

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  1. Now I know why my hips have been so painful!!!

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