November Energies

November Activation (2)

What a wild ride we are all on! The last week of October was intense and immense. Choices were made that changed paths for some and directions for others. Decisions were made both small and big that had the hand of other worldly involved.

Many keys were given. Some of you would have felt light in the head, dizzy and strange over this last weekend. This had to do with clearing and the preparation of what is unfolding in November in our lives, both personally and collectively. This is a time to let go of attachments and expectations, for they are becoming increasingly painful and for some, an obstacle.

November heralds in new pathways. For many of us, we are called to make a commitment to ourselves. There will be choices that need to be made both small and big. Once made, it will create movement and at times a clear direction and for some, resolution. We no longer are able to procrastinate, hesitate, or stay in fear. The moment is here to move in courage and self-love.

Communication is a big one, to be clear, honest and brave. Try and avoid going into blame and justification, as you don’t have time or space to keep plugging into the games of validation for yourself or others. The more you let go of what is not “frequency specific to you in the now of growth,” you will find that you will have more space, energy and the serendipity of creation will be frequent.

There is a massive release from our subconscious, of fears in different shades, and that’s why some of you are having some crazy dreams of other times, of wars, invasions, and intense scenarios in your dreams. Some of you will and are experiencing at times (which will happen on and off during November), a sudden feeling of heavy tiredness, dizziness, brain scramble, forgetting stuff and your words becoming jumbled. Please be patient with children, as they are feeling the effects also. Some of them will feel out of whack, boys might seem to be more emotional, teary and girls more angry or, a bit of both. We adults will feel this too, but under the banner of impatience. It’s all okay because these are the massive shifts occurring in the outer Earth’s atmosphere, which is effecting the Earth band frequencies and that is why feeling’s of dizziness are occurring.

It is very important to ground yourself, get to nature often, take off your shoes, walk on the grass, sand and Earth – stand and consciously connect with the Earth. Baths are great, just know that in the next 4 days, if having baths with salts or any essential oils (actually baths in general), a purging of your system will occur, which is great if this is what you require (this message was received from the elemental planes).

November is indeed Powerful, strong, and a no mucking around month. You will feel ‘not great straight away, when integrity is not at play. Move on from the old, without judgement or justification, it is just time. Celebrate the beauty that is you, especially in moments when you are opening, revealing. For example, I was out this morning doing my errands and I suddenly felt light. I smiled and thought, ‘what a beautiful day it is,’ That is a moment of opening, revelation in the cells of my being. I then affirmed, “I am Love and I am Everywhere.” When you do this, you are co-creating with your Divinity.

“Let the Sword of Archangel Michael, bring through the courage of your Divine light, to now shine bright. You are the Pioneer of your future returning to align, making peace.”

I have recorded an Activation, to assist you in grounding the high energies coming through, while you still continue to grow and connect beyond the Old (Matrix). You can access this Activation by signing in here and becoming a part of our community and continue to receive information that will assist you clear your energy and make space for new manifestations.

Please Ground yourself and have a large glass of water after listening X

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