Revealing the Sacred Journey in Dinan France

Castle Wall in Dinan

Castle Wall in Dinan

When we arrived in Dinan it seemed like the city was still asleep and as we got our bearings, I was guided to a certain tree & instructed to walk around it. I asked the group to make it look as natural as possible, to make it look normal for 12 people to walk around a tree. This Tree was a doorway and as we took turns to walk around it, a couple of the women in the group experienced an overwhelming feeling of release, of grief and pain. I can now share the reason why they cried so deeply and sobbed uncontrollably.

We were in this place to bring healing energies through the inner chambers that would pass through the inner earth doorways, so at an appropriate time, the release of balance, forgiveness and recognition would start taking place for millions of Women , Mothers, Herbalists, Healers, Daughters, Midwives, Wives, Artists, Visionaries, Songstress and more, during the time of the Inquisition. The appropriate time is this weekend, Saturday October 31st. We are still feeling the effects on the Planet at this time of the Mass Destruction of the feminine and the many men who suffered and were tortured. Before the inquisition, it was a time of connection to Mother Earth, the celebration of Life around the Ancient Cathedrals of Nature where life had its rituals of flow with the Sun and Moon.

As we continued on into the castle walls of Dinan, we were guided to 5 different sites, in some we just held space, in others we were pillars for light and Frequencies to move through us into the Earth. At the rose garden, we released the Rose gold keys, as instructed by the Rose Sisters in the Etheric Plane.

Through a tree lined path, we worked with the seven Merlins using Celestite keys to access the right portals and unlock the hidden concubines of fear and despair. As it was being released, I saw it being transmuted into rose gold petals that were ash-like, doing a dance in the air and then gently crumbling with a sigh.

We sat on the edge of the inner Earth Vortexes, where I spoke to the elemental beings and the Overlighting Devas of the area. This is their message for us:-

“In the times of separation and darkness when the fear and control over the true natural forces of natural Law and the Divinity of Mother and her children occurred, we witnessed the buckling of the earth meridians. The distortions that would be created through the movement away from the divine feminine and indeed the divine masculine caused a warped perception of the balance of life that you are now all waking up from. The damage that was caused by this is deeply rooted in the psych of all beings, this is the collective grief. The effect is far reaching through the timeline of all humanity. What you are seeing on the earth plane is the continuous replay of the same story, the dominance and the disempowerment over the feminine which then impacts the masculine. This has its roots in the fall of Atlantis. This is what we call a loop. Do not feel hopeless for a great change. We tend to the Earth ways and we speK (speak) the many languages of nature, and in the soil where blood spilt and soaked in, are the records of these times, the stories and ALL the emotions. That is why now in your days, a great cleansing is occurring through the forces of Nature, she must release these records. Many of you are aligning as you are also clearing the records of your distortion.”

May The Return to Love create your Journey X

The Rose Garden in Dinan

The Sisters of the Rose Plane came through bringing in codes and messages.

I look forward to sharing the energies that we received in Dinan, with you at the next workshop in Sydney, where I will also be introducing the “Intimate Conversations with Mary Magdalene”. I’ve recorded a video that explains a little more, .
Nancy X

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  1. The courage and faith this journey required… Leaves me speechless and in awe.

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