Revealing The Sacred Journey – France

church domeThe Journey to France has been life changing to say the least. I am, and I know that those who took the journey are still integrating the vibrations that we received.  I will now share, as much as I can at these given times – the information, experiences, details of the Journey and the work that was undertaken. There is so much to talk about.

Five to six months before leaving France, I was told that Brittany (Bretagne) was the location of our journey. Over a period of 3 weeks, I was told the exact locations of where we had to go, and having never been to France before, in fact I had never been to Europe, I was having many moments of doubts and ‘what the?… am I nuts?’ kind of moments. Yet the messages and instructions I was getting, were very precise – I had to really move into a space of Trust and Faith.

I have always had a very strong relationship with the Spiritual Realm on many levels. So, the issue wasn’t about how I was hearing or receiving the info, it was more about really trusting my connections to what I was being told about the sites. This information was new, and I didn’t have the usual written or previously recorded info of its importance, especially about the journey of Mary Magdalene in Gaul. What I was to discover on the Group Trip through Bretagne, and then eventually our personal family trip to the South of France, was the process of aligning my molecules with my purpose in this Incarnation.

As we travelled through Brittany, we were directed to pre-ordained sites, to assist in this time upon this reality. That is, the consciousness that has been caught in a loop within the Earth lines. I was shown what is happening on the planet at this time, the old programs that were still in a methodic loop. The issues that were being presented, the Refugee crisis, Environmental issues, the global financial climate, and many other plays were a result of an overload or massive fuse blowout of these realities.

TunnelDuring this time in Brittany I worked very closely with St. Germain, inner Earth Grids & Beings, and the Master Sacred Technician Leonardo Da Vinci. There were many beings in Spirit that assisted us according to where we were and according to the energy Earth lines, templates and specific grids. I was amazed to see the intricate wiring of gold and copper frequencies at certain sites. Brittany is a part of a holographic chamber in the hall of records and we were assisting with the turning and opening of the Seals & Vaults in the key areas of Dinan and Poitiers that had been put there during key historical times.

As we were doing the work on different sites, I would hear at times Mary Magdalene saying, “Know that this is a specific Hologram that has been hard wired in the switchboard of humanity. There are many holograms and there are many probabilities.” Later on, when I travelled through the South of France, she would share and teach about the holograms and how they were utilised during her time and how we can work with the holograms in our lives. She showed me Sacred Dimensional Codes and Keys, which quickly put us in a tangible reality with the truth, that we are the Creators of our Reality. She is actually quite an adept Quantum Physicist. She did inform me that the being and aspect known as Mary Magdalene, is just one hologram in many, and that one of her higher selves that is Lady Nada, was working the switchboard at the time of our connection – usually there is 3 to 7 Higher Selves……. I will be going into more details and actually showing certain transmutative techniques at my next workshop.

There are so many different levels to this Great Work. The key messages that I continually heard on this trip, were about the fundamental factors and principles of connection and creation, balancing the ratio of chaos and decay with release, transmutation, birth and the return to love.

When you know the simplicity of the mystic’s equations, then in your everyday life, you can delete the dense consciousness that keeps you busy in survival. Liberation is an outcome from within, and you will no longer adhere, to the programs of survival. Then, you will truly move into knowing yourself as a divine creator embodied in the physical form.

We worked intensely in Brittany, with the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. At times it took us into a shamanic space and I am quite sure that the group is still moving through this landscape.

My next article will share the journeys first stop in Dinan, the City of doorways and entrances to the inner Earth, where we worked with the seven Merlins and the Celestite Keys. I’ll talk about why we were there and the messages received. X

Please Note: Some of you will feel energies after reading this blog, around your head, face, chest and lung area. You are receiving very strong vibrations to move you forward.

Through the month of November, we will be sharing more of this incredible journey and how it effects all of us. As usual I’ll be writing about the Energies for the Month. If you would like to receive the Activation early, please click here to subscribe. This months Activation is specific to the Energies of November as well as the unfolding of the events in Brittany.


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2 responses to “Revealing The Sacred Journey – France

  1. Just amazing Nancy!
    I honour you and all you are doing to return this planet to LOVE
    Noelene Kelly

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