Energy Update For October

Fortress wall at Carcassonne

Fortress wall at Carcassonne

We are having an interesting time. In the last week there has been many different energies flying around. Some of us have felt heavy strong energies around. I will put this as simply as I can. This week, a huge doorway portal has opened, creating discomfort, unease, and a tad bit of confusion. Communication has been a bit awry. It’s like we are saying one thing and it can be heard and experienced in a completely opposite way to what we’re trying to convey.

In the energy spiritual realm, sliding doors are happening really fast. In fact, they look like steel doors, which causes the thud, and hang over feeling that we are having. This will shift in the next few days. I describe this time as the ghosts of past on many levels, are visiting for you to really say goodbye, while the simultaneous moving forward is occurring.

Emotions can come up really quickly, causing confusion and then dissipate in the next breath. Try not, to get too caught in the why’s and what is. The amount of energy and vibrations coming through is phenomenal and as we have said many times before that, according to your beliefs and journey, these energies will move through with revealing, releasing and a triggering of what needs to be apparent for you to move into a more authentic life, according to you and your divine plan and purpose. You are indeed experiencing, The Journey of Enlightenment. Recognise that, if anyone or a situation is triggering you into a space of judgement, guilt, envy, or any other emotions that are exhausting, then that, is a manifestation on the physical reality of what is happening within the inner world of you, shifting. These are the parts within you that are losing control of keeping you in the state or place of smallness. Putting it simply, do not be distracted by the drama, plays or emotions that keep you busy in, not feeling good.

The energies for some have been intense, as old feelings come up. Know this is happening because it is leaving and yes, it has been strong. That at times, it feels like much is stacked up against you, or you’re
feeling alone, or even the old feelings of crap have come up. You have not gone backwards. This time, is just a moment where you are going through a release from a part within you that can be difficult to access, unless an outer trigger occurs. All is well, it will pass soon.

Remember and affirm this “I AM Love and I AM everywhere.

These energies of Argy Bargy will move in the next few days. X

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