October Energies – Clearing & Freeing the Shackles of Conditioning

Oct EnergiesIn the next two days to 2 weeks, allow the process of the integration of the energies moving through and around you to occur. Allow yourself to adjust to a new way of being. As this process happens, some of you will experience flatness or feeling low. Do not worry as you have not gone backwards or stopped in your awakening. What you are feeling is the attempt to clear and free you from the shackles of conditioning, you have just received a high vibrational download of Celestial cosmic light. You may feel physical symptoms like sore muscles or fluidity as liquid light is being poured into you. There is so much light, that any heaviness or aspects within us that is not in alignment with the new will be felt and revealed immediately. Be really honest with yourself about your motives and fears so the discomfort can shift quickly.

These energies are very strong as you are in a room with all parts of self. Some parts are excited and keen to go through the doors of the new, other parts need more patience, yet remember, they are also ready to go through but unsure about letting go of the heaviness, old habits are needed to be broken.

It’s ok if some of you might not be feeling great after this blood moon eclipse. You will, just allow these sediments of the Old to dissipate. You have not missed any boat, or are having a setback, it’s just right where you are at, this will move quickly if you embrace, be patient, be kind to yourself. Your energy system is very fine at the moment so feeding yourself well on all levels is imperative to assist in this transition. Some of you will be feeling the and experiencing these new energies in a beautiful kaleidoscope way, allow yourselves to ground this through the many aspects of being you throughout your timeline, you have a new set of colours and vibrations, it’s time to create Masterpieces.

We will all feel the effects of This Blood Moon and during the first 2 weeks of October, many will be going through a reset. You will wake some mornings and feel, see, & know without a doubt that you have moved into a new Paradigm……. And then for a very small moment you might feel like you are back to square one…. Or Not, remember the adjustments of The human Self to the Light Self requires patience, you are a multi level, dimensional being, moving through the seen & unseen, again be kind, be patient.

Be aware that many things in your life are changing, some of you know about, others you can sense. Embrace the uniqueness of yourself to move throughout this time in what is perfect for you. Remember there is no mistake, and please know and remember that you have already arrived to the New Nirvana according to you, and in this Wisdom you are watching yourself approaching.

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Let it Be Xx

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