Day 9 & 10 – Sacred Journey Successfully Completed

Day 9 & 10 – POITIERS
” I Am Love, I Am everywhere” – Nancy

Outside St PetersThe importance of this final task was made apparent to Nancy on the last leg of this sacred journey. Her senses were heightened as we made our way to Poitiers, she could not afford any distractions. She was picking up on our individual thoughts and feelings. Her request to us. “Any negative thoughts or feelings that come up during the bus trip, simply without judgement say “delete”. We were about to be hit by a lot of downloads on this 5 hr bus journey, similar to a 1 day workshop.

As had happened throughout this journey certain signs were pointed out by various members of our group as if the beings over lighting our journey were reminding us of their presence. It’s no co-incidence that as we drew closer to Poitiers, the most poignant signs were seen, separately and then together. A long boat being towed and then a flag on the back of a caravan of the Royal Seal – 2 golden lions on a red background. The long boat, being a vision Nancy had in St Malo of Mary Magdalene in a long boat saying “I was a refugee”. The second representing the Royal Line of David, of which Yeshua was a descendant of. The 2 vehicles travelled separately and pulled in to the same petrol stop alongside each other, as if to say “we are here with you”

We arrived at our hotel, a converted Jesuit Monastery, next door to the Archives building. The destinations of this entire trip were revealed to Nancy and each location was perfectly suited to the task required of her. The group had been gifted each day as Nancy completed her work, this last day would provide a gift for Nancy, to be taken to new areas within the Akashic Records.

Even though Nancy welcomed to our meeting what seemed to be a committee of beings including the 3 spirit monks who walked around the hotel, many of us still felt uncomfortable and this would continue to the morning. And like every other day on this journey, the most surreal experiences began to take place. As we walked through the narrow streets of Poitiers, the vibe was totally different to anywhere else we had been. We felt dizzy, unbalanced, feeling as though people were wary of us. I immediately thought of the old spaghetti westerns where the town would whisper and hide as the stranger rides into town, shutters and doors banging shut. Nancy was spot on when she likened the trapped energy to that of a labyrinth both above and below ground.

Many big dreams took place that night, and many strange experiences and distractions unfolded,Screenshot 2015-09-12 22.19.18
– Nancy’s vision as she sat in a café, of a dragon charging down the street, turning to look intensely at her.
– People trying to mislead members of the group
– A black cat waiting at the Gates to the courtyard of St Peters and sitting with the group as if to stand guard whilst Nancy brought in the energies.
– Nancy being pushed back as she tried to enter St Peter Church
– Physical unease and experiences within and outside of the Church

Once Nancy had complete an activation, we sat in the Church on either side of her and as she brought in the energies, we flooded the church with Rose Gold, followed by Sapphire to assist her complete her task. Once complete, she explained the deep tunnel she went into to unlock the seal.

DSC02032Nancy continued to guide us to 3 other churches where we held a space to allow her to bring the energy through us and into the ground. Planting roses deep into the earth, flooding a chapel with pink rose quartz and finally a clearing at a specific location in a park to heal those effected by slave line.

The wheels set in motion by this journey should be seen within the next 2 years and for each of us personally within the next 12 weeks. Everyone had their own personal experiences and some may decide to share it, for others it’s a very private journey but there is no doubt it was a life changing experience. As we all go our separate ways, we will ground ourselves and know that we are accompanied by Master Paul Afra.
The journey was intense, the experiences profound, these written words cannot do it justice. Yet many laughs were had, thanks to Nancy’s wicked sense of humour and her down to earth nature. We thank her for that and look forward to hearing from her as she shares more with us through Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed. If you would like to know more, please add your details here.

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