Day 7 & 8 – The Shepherdess Is Here

“A white Rose, an Emerald stone
I see the blue sword, I awaken into a dream” – Nancy

Mont St MichelWe’d seen glimpses of Mont Saint Michel through our travels since Sunday, like an island in the distance as we travelled to Dinan & St Malo. As we got closer the excitement built as it came to life, such a magnificent sight to see. Like a scene from Lord of the Rings, it stood with its long history, both spiritual & feudal since the 8th Century.
Standing outside the walls, we held a space with Nancy as she sang an activation to prepare the group energetically, working today with the rose colours of violet, purple, lavender & magenta.

As we began our ascent following the Rose trail of the Troubadours, through the narrow cobblestone street to the Abbey & Monastery at the very top. The feeling was incredible, as we started the steep ascent through what we could only imagine at the bottom were once the fisherman & farmers housing & trade up through different levels, gardens and great halls to the very top, to the Abbey and Monastery.
Many began to feel and see the energy strongly and as Nancy continued to do her work, she would guide us to certain places, to bring in the intent of certain rose colour, to flood the church or send it up the stairs. Those with the gift of sight, were seeing areas where “bodies being thrown from the walls”, or “arrows coming through windows”. Others felt they were being pushed up the street and for me being pushed to a wall, all under the watchful & protective eye of Nancy and her spirit guides. We were all OK, an experience like no other, hard to put into words, but some of the group may write about it on our return.

Nancy & Mark Mont Saint Michel Then there were the beautiful moments, the sound of the bell being rung, the beautiful little chapel, where Nancy sat and sang. (the video to come soon) and as the Sisters sang in the Abbey, we recorded this message .

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