Day 6 -Beyond The Gates of Avalon


“many hearts gathering, there is no beginning, there is no end” – Nancy.

The lady at CarncThink of Miranda in the movie of Picnic at Hanging Rock” being drawn in enchantment up into the rocks, that’s what came to mind today, as we walked around the Alignment de Carnac, seeing & feeling the most amazing things. This sacred site erected in the neolithic period some 6,000 year ago where the locals believed the stones to be magical, and there’s that word again, magical, which sums up our journey so far.
We started our walk on a rooftop lookout, the stones at this stage were just amazing stones in alignment in many different shapes and sizes. As Nancy gave thanks to the Deva’s we focused on 1 particular stone, that looked like an angel, that’s when the enchantment and the energies began to be felt as the area opened up.

Once we were closer to the stones, Nancy sang certain keys that opened the space and the elementals began to show themselves, the stones the knightcame to live as light yet intense vibrations moved through our bodies. Our joy at pointing out to each other, the different faces and characters, on the stones, the positioning of stones that were no longer just stones, but merlins and ladies and wizards and animals and elves.
Then more magic as we went to a gateway and once again, Katrina Vasiliou sensed the moment to take pictures that resulted in the rainbow light and blue energy lines at the doorway.Carnac 2

“Today we were gifted to open ourselves to a fluid, tangible reality of magical world of the Nature Spirits and what I call beyond the Gates of Avalon.  As I sang certain keys, to open, the space came alive, the standing stones, gateways, nature and the child within ran across the field to greet her very dear Friends of Olde” – Nancy


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  1. Just beautiful Nancy



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