Day 5 – Raising the 12 pillars of the Archangels

Day 5  ST. MALO
” The Sirens of the Sacred Wells” – Nancy
DSC01871Today’s journey took us through the beautiful picturesque countryside with chateaus, quaint English cottages and a quick visit to St Samson’s a Medieval Cathedral. Our destination, Saint Malo, a walled port, once the notorious home of the corsairs, French privateers & pirates. Today a relaxing sea side escape. We were so tempted to just be tourists and enjoy the scenery, explore the town and relax in one of the numerous fresh seafood cafe’s that lined the streets within the walls of the port. Alas, it had to wait, we had work to do first.

Once again Nancy was lead to different locations that would allow us to assist in bringing in the energies. As we sat on the beach looking out to the calm blue waters of the English Channel, we began to assist in raising the 12 pillars of the Archangels that were buried long ago.
Working with Geometrics, Pillars & Crystalline in the presence of the Elohim, Nancy guided us through the 3 activations, raising the 12 crystal pillars through from the ocean floor to connect to this song line & link to the different ports around the world, assisting the clearing of passenger dis-empowerment of the slave trade, where people were taken on boats & landed on foreign ports.
Working with Crystals – Celestine, Citrine, Obsidian, Onyx, Lapis, Rose Quartz, Peach Calcite, Zircon, Rhodonite, Tigers Eye & Danbubrite & LarimarDSC01891

The key word – Magna Carta. We resealed it with a red rose in the centre of golden heart.
Whilst we got onto the coach feeling light and in good spirits, it wasn’t long before our energy was zapped & we slept alighting the coach shattered.

There is so much more to know and to learn, which Nancy will teach once this journey is over. If you would like to receive information about the Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed, please add your details here.

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