Day 3 Rennes – Re Opening The Rose Line

A 5 hour bus trip from Paris to Rennes in no way felt like 5 hours, it was as if we had taken a quick nap and we were there, unbeknownst to us Nancy was up the front working and ensuring time had no meaning.

Rennes - Re Opening The Rose LineOn entry to Rennes, we were made aware of entering a portal and that some would begin to feel the energy in the throat and head areas, a sense of itching and unbalance on and off. It was then that Nancy explained the shutdown of the Rose Line in this area and we were there to to re-open it.

We followed as Nancy was led through the beautiful cobblestone streets of Rennes along one of the Rose Lines and arrived at the gardens of the Jardin du Palais Saint Georges a former Benedictine Abbey. We walked along the left hand side of the pathway as instructed, feeling the energy in our legs as we walked upon this Rose Line. Nancy channelled, Mary Magdalene. Positioning each person strategically within the gardens, to assist in creating a space individually, then as couples and finally as a whole, as one, to allow the spirits realm to facilitate the beginning of a healing of this Rose Line for the European Countries. DSC01844

3 Key Factors to move within this line:-
1. Abuse manifested throughout the timeline as slavery & still exists
2. The Fleeing
3. Mind Manipulation on the planet

As each person held the space, Nancy sang beautiful & powerful sacred songs with emotional and heartfelt words
“in your heart and mind, we ask that you open every door and every window of your being & in every doorway and every window, you light a candle to assist your brothers and sisters who are fleeing, for they will see this and they will be guided along the path of reconciliation, where revelations can occur so open the doors and window & putting a candle within these frames”

“Welcome my brother, welcome my sister,
Come in my beloved brother, come in my beloved sister
Bring your children, for they are my children too.
Let us eat together & sup together,
do not be afraid
Put on my clothes & my shoes
Let me keep you warm & let us toast to this reunion and this moment”

Rennes - Sacred Song & a visitorAnd then another moment, similar to Chartes Catherdral train ride occurred, (you can see him in the background of this picture as Nancy is singing her sacred song), yet we were prepared.  So please subscribe to hear more via email on this journey and after “Beloved the Sacred Journey Revealed”

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