Day 1 & 2 – Separation Creates a Weakness

IMG_2736Day 1 – The group meets up in Paris 
We all met in Paris for dinner last night, some of us bleary eyed having only just arrived in France and others with wonderful stories from the past few days adventures here.
The group heads off to Chartres Cathedral this morning accompanied by many angels and the addition of beings James (Yeshua’s brother) and Andrew.

“From my Heart I move in all directions lit with the Rose songs”

Day 2 – Cathédrale Notre- Dame de Chartres – Chartres Cathedral
The day begun with a great breakfast and intent as per the itinerary to “Walk the internal Labyrinth and tune into what is ahead on our journey”
Nancy’s thought for the day  “in the labyrinth you will find a door, within you are the keys” 

The keys we did find, each one of us, felt & experienced in our own way whilst in and around the Cathedral, but the major key for the day was provided to the group in the train on our way back to Paris.  None of us saw what was coming and by the end of the day, the most valuable lesson received by all, a glimpse into our purpose here as a collective and an experience of “Separation” that Nancy has so often talked about in her writings. An experience that had to happen to set the tone for Brittany 2015.  An account of this experience will be posted as soon as time and energy allow.

DSC01797This picture is Nancy experiencing a portal, which everyone took turns to simply stand there and experience the energy in their own way. It is said that this site is where the Telluric Earth currents are at their strongest. So whilst we had a slight disappointment in that the Labyrinth was closed off for renovations, through Nancy’s guidance we were able to experience a powerful energy at this spot.  In hindsight, this part of the journey was not so much about the trip to Chartres, but the preparation of the group.

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