The Sacred Journey Begins September 3

About this Sacred Journey to Brittany

Nancy Valentine Smith

2 years ago I was told that I would take a group of people to France to hold space, to be pillars & vessels, to bring through Frequencies & New Templates of the Divine Feminine, Divine Mother, into key places on the Planet. Like many of my fellow Light workers, Earth Walkers, I now am ready for this “assignment” – Awakening Through the Heart Brittany 2015 is taking place from 3rd – 13th September. Over lighting this journey will be many beings, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, St. Germain, Archangel Michael & Faith, Babaji & Yogananda. There will be a direct energy line from the Avalon Rose line bringing through the sacred codes & songs to assist our work in this area.

Why Brittany?
According to the records I have seen in Avalon through the etheric plane, this area was once where many councils gathered to attune the crystal grids. A grand meeting place of the high Druids, the Avalon priestesses. I have been told that this area of Bretagne France, holds certain keys that now need to be activated to bring the Divine Masculine into presence so the Divine Feminine can be supported. We will bring through the Divine Templates of the Masculine and Feminine to assist in the great work of revelation in correcting and balancing.

The 12 Toning pillars of the Archangels is also in a key area in Brittany. We will be guided to certain areas where we will experience profound moments of enlightenment & transformation for ourselves, where we will also be guided to do work to assist this major time on Earth.

I know that all involved in this Journey will have a life changing experience. Each person will receive what they need in a way that suites them. I have seen glimpses of this Journey and know that so much more is to be revealed. I am excited to be able to share glimpses of this experience on social media. So please stay tuned in over the next few weeks and subscribe here so you don’t miss any special messages I am directed to share whilst on the journey.  On my return, I will email you with information about Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed, where you’ll learn in depth about the teachings, wisdom & knowledge imparted to me and what they mean to us individually and as a collective.


Tune in, during and after this journey, as we share messages from the Spiritual Realms, the Beloved Teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene plus so much still to be revealed.  Experience this Journey on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram

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We’ll be sending you sneak peaks from here 

Day 1 – Sept 3rd
Awakening Through the Heart Brittany 2015 begins in Paris

Brittany 2015 mapDay 2 – Sept 4th
– Chartres Cathedral to walk the internal Labyrinth and tune into what is ahead on our journey
– Receiving information on the song-lines, through the different timelines in Paris.

Day 3 – Sept 5th
Rennes – The Sacred Quest begins

Day 4 – Sept 6th
Dinan – The city of doorways and entrances to the Inner Earth. Working with the Seven Merlin’s and the Celestite Keys

Day 5 – Sept 7th

St Malo for a day of Activating and Activation – 12 crystal pillars of the Archangels
Day 6 – Tuesday Sept 8th 
Alignements de Carnac. In this Ethereal space, we will view, work with and integrate Mary Magdalene’s – Soul Maps©
Day 7 & Day 8 – Sept 9th & 10th
Mont-Saint-Michel. Here we will follow the Rose trail of the Troubadours
Day 9 & Day 10 – Sept 11th & 12th
Poitiers – Nancy will facilitate a channelled talk to reveal our purpose here & the key sites within the city of Poitiers
Day 11 – Sept 13th
Paris where we go our separate ways & Nancy continues on to the South of France.

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