September Energies

September Energies & ActivationThis month, stay grounded in your own sense of self unfolding and then expanding into the new realities that are and will be presented to you. It is time to bring all parts of self into a loving embrace of acceptance, as this will assist you in experiencing and moving with these incredible times. I will share with you bits and pieces of my writings over the last few months as they are apt for what you are stepping into this month of September 2015.

Let there be light – and there will be a lot of light raining upon us.
Let there be love – for this is your true self.

In September there will be heightened times where situations will be under the glaring light of scrutiny that your higher self is bringing up from your centre to reveal what needs to be resolved, forgiven, and/or transformed. This can be a very simple process. If you move into acceptance, try not get to get caught in blame or making it about others. Recognise any experience is just a vessel to bring through the sense of separation and aloneness in your core.

You are being prepared for the time ahead, where time will move in a blink of an eye.

Through the trials and tribulations of the discovery of yourself, the peaks of joy and the depths of grief will meet in the centre of your asking to form a vessel of transformation. As you get lighter and clearer the space within to truly manifest in the outer will become more balanced.

Where the floodgates will open propelling you into the new. The time around us is powerful, altering our outlook and consciousness, this can be very strong and jarring. If you are having difficulties during this time, recognise, there is a part of you within that is finding it hard to move away from the false promises of the ego. Be gentle and kind with yourself yet be very clear of the different agendas that are calling you.

There are many who will gather in this time to bring forth what we call the new templates. The restoration and return of love, peace, divine atonement within the core factors, and matters on all levels and consciousness. You will witness on the world stage many gatherings in governments in the UN, in the natural cycles of councils that hold beacons and keys of clearing and shifting to the veils of separation. This is also happening within you.

The frequencies are so fine, so if you are able to adjust your vibrations, it will be very beneficial at this time. You can adjust your vibration by releasing the heaviness of choices that keep you in a program of distraction, which keeps you enslaved in not feeling worthy or loved.

There is a definite change in the air & each day will definitely feel different from the other. For example, in one day you will experience lightness & a feeling of openness, then by the afternoon, you will be feeling a tsunami of intense energies going through you. This is just you expelling the heaviness of your past from your Being & at the same time ingesting Divine light – you are awakening.

On the World stage we will see moments of incredible Super Humanity. Our hearts at different times will be triggered to open & feel as we realise more & more that we are all indeed connected.

There will be more focus on Space & Planetary occurrences, expect the unexpected to be revealed.

The Earth will go through another wobble effect which you will feel as heavy tiredness. You might feel a need to close your eyes for a short moment, only to open them feeling refreshed. Time will have no order. You will be able to create experiences quicker, so really be conscious of what your intentions are. A simple easy way to do this is to remember to hold this truth “I AM LOVE”. You can say it as much as you like, in all situations, in all places and you will feel the effects of these words, as it moves through your life, uplifting you.  Know that there are more changes that will occur on the planet. As expansion happens simultaneously a release of old dogma will occur in the earth’s atmosphere, inner earth & through weather releases & expulsions. Like us, the Earth is also moving through her evolution on all levels.

You are a spiritual being in a physical body experiencing all aspects of your Humanness & as you travel & awaken, you grow and will move in a circle to eventuate in your fullness of being creating every moment. You will be able to glimpse heaven everywhere if you look from your eyes of “I am love”

“And she walked the stone path,
her hair & skin drenched in the oils & herbs of renewal,
she did not weep, my lady of Benjamin’s line & I did greet her & her eyes did fill me with the light of Remembrance & in the breath of the Man I am,
I held her.
For I had not forgotten the decree of my physical self & in the reconciliation of the Man & God I am,
we rejoiced”

Sorry – there was an issue with the recording of this Month’s Activation, I will try again when I get back from Paris. However, if you haven’t listened to one of my activation before, click here

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One response to “September Energies

  1. Hello Nancy
    It has been a journey for me too reading yur amazing journey in Britanie
    My name is Agnes I am french but I have been living in Brighton England fr the past 27 years. My twin flam Martin and I just bought a little farm in Brecey 20 mins away from Le Mont St Michel . I could not believe when I read about your journey. We have been guiding there, Martin found it he practices Buddhism and really connected with nature, I do too time to time with him and also I am part of a group like yourself “sister of light ” we have been opening portals all over Brighton and now by next year will meet on the land we bought . It is amazing !! Sorry about my weak English written .
    This farm is going to be a place to rescue animals and for people to come and reconnecting with nature and healing . If you go back to Britany again I would love to be part of your journey.
    I am grateful to you for your guidance in Britany
    I wish you well and happiness
    Love light and truth
    May all beings be happy

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