August Energies Update – Return to the Heart Ways

A rose - August Energies UpdateThe movement occurring in the ocean we wrote about in our last post on August Energies will continue because of the energy shifts occurring on the ocean floor.  These energies can affect us in different ways including feeling unusually tired. Our chest and throat areas are being affected as we are being called to speak, to communicate truth from a space of love. In many ways there is a clearing occurring within us as many of us are going through a deep, life changing process that can be obvious or very subtle. So much is happening collectively and personally and at this time it all comes down to one thing. We are called to connect, to return to heart ways.

Our lives are shifting and changing quickly so it’s very important not to get caught in fear, drama and distraction. Drama can occur when we get into power plays with others. This drama and distraction is designed to keep us busy, so we stay stuck in being separate, or in a space of us versus them mentality. We have to attempt to stay above the heaviness and negativity for this can really cause us harm and keep us in such an old Paradigm.

Be present to the symbol or the signs of the rose as we will see more of this in the coming few weeks. This indicates that the gentleness of many is called for, the divine feminine is now entering and being activated in the consciousness of the collective.  Also I am being shown the beautiful being seal (not the singer :-p) which represents the mystery of the feminine in different stages.  In the next few weeks this being will somehow be seen really strongly.

Know that there are different realities or holograms around you and what you step into, or what comes through to you is dependent on what is within you. These last weeks in August could push many of us out of a reality that no longer serves our higher purpose, even if we’re not aware of what our higher purpose is. I liken this time to the metaphor of the “Ancient Greek Gods” arriving and shaking things up. So it will be very interesting to see which archetype turns up in your life. I look forward to sharing this Sunday’s Workshop with many of you. There are still a few seats left if you feel drawn to spending this day of High Activation with us. X

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