August Energies – Golden Light

August EnergiesYou are the heart of the matter, your ability to transmute the conditioning of your fear is required. The effects of your choices to be in fear and separation will become more obvious. Open your heart and mind to this time with courage.

In the June workshop, we spoke about the “slave consciousness” that keeps us in obvious and subtle spaces of separation. Us and them thoughts, and to some degree, the survival of the fittest. The dismantling of this consciousness is already occurring on all levels, globally, collectively and in your own life. This consciousness has created stagnancy and the struggle of continuous flow of manifestation in your journey. The unfolding and release of the old paradigms of separation and disconnection is now being bought to the surface to the light.

We are at the threshold of times never before seen of great magnitude to evolve, to change, to move into a new way, a new consciousness. You will need courage to go beyond your norm in your mind and beliefs that have been created from the space of fear and separation. The old and any unfinished business within you and in your life will only cause hindrance and struggle.

There is so much golden light coming through this month. This vibration can cause life changing opportunities in your life and to a large degree miraculous changes and resolutions upon this world.
There will be more earth movements as the earth’s plates are shifting quickly. I have been shown that the ocean floor is opening to birth new landscapes, new mountains. There is also the release of old energies from mother earth as she now moves really quickly to lighten up. That is why we are seeing more sightings of sharks and in this month it will be Whales and unusual sightings, activities of ocean life. These movements are causing Shifts for all.

There is nothing to fear, it is more prominent now and important to know that your thoughts have created your reality and now you can change your mind.

In August compassion, forgiveness, courage, trust and a dash of wonderment will move you through this time with grace and ease.  Let go of the old ways that you are holding onto, that causes you inner turmoil. Keep your days as simple as possible eat well, rest, nature time, laugh and especially say no to Drama.

I usually record an Activation for subscribers to assist navigate monthly energies. This month, I want to share this activation with you all, to assist in keeping in the lightness of your being.  Click here to  listen to the activation on Youtube, or Download it here . It is very strong and you will benefit by being in a quiet relaxed place. DO NOT drive whilst listening, however, you’re welcome to listen to it as often as you feel the need.  Please leave a comment of your experience, or any questions you have around this months energies.

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2 responses to “August Energies – Golden Light

  1. Penny Lettice

    Thankyou Nancy. I feel so light and full of hope and happiness now.

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