July Energies Update

CaptureAs we move through these cold days and imploring nights to keep warm, we are all on a deep level preparing, during this hibernation time on many levels. Don’t be too hard with yourself if life, your journey, has slowed down a bit or if things especially in the last week seems unusually like they’re on hold. You can get through this by keeping your days simple and do what is required on the physical reality. Surround yourself with gentleness and keep warm. You are being prepared for the time ahead, where time will move in a blink of an eye, where the floodgates will open propelling you into the new.
Be gentle, clear and rest
Let go of the old stuff and be present to what makes you feel dis-empowered or not good, then with the power of yourself say goodbye to it. The Vision I am shown at this time, putting it as simply as I can, is that there is you in the centre of Self. There are many parts/aspects of you in different spaces, consciousness, gathering, clearing, working on other levels within. This is why at times you feel overwhelmed, or stuck or you feel that things aren’t moving the way they should and at times it will be hard to grasp or understand what’s going on. This is because you are moving into the unknown, into experiences that are in the process of being birthed. This will pass very soon, but in the meantime, prepare yourself for the unknown. Rest, eat well, and fill yourself, your heart, with the visions of your Sacredness.
Look at whatever is happening on the world stage and view it as a Reset. Pauses will occur in many areas and then the green light will occur. Don’t fear the movements of change. Stay present to the Sacredness of you moving through these time of grand transformations.
Thank you for being here at this time, blessings to you my fellow travellers of life X

“I am the Rose that rises from the battlefields,
I am the lotus that grows from the muddy waters.
I am the Soul that ascends from Karma.
I am the Sacredness of all life birthed in your awakening.
We are seen
My Beloved let me in”
Beloved Verses © NancyValentineSmith.

I have also recorded an short activation for this time, to listen, please subscribe here


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