July Energies

The Rose Line Activation for JulyThis month of July, we will be sharing gifts of vibrations to assist you in this continuous path of great change of which many of you have already experienced changes impacting different aspects of your life.  In July it is very important to really allow the letting go of what no longer serves your journey into your empowerment through the guidance of love.  Please re read the energies of May and June, for many of you will relate to it for this Month of July as well.

It will become increasingly difficult to play in the space of ego projections, the light and the vibrations aiming down are strong and laser like impacting many to move into integrity, truth and courage. Some may experience or are experiencing the sharpness of fear, causing trepidation, hesitation and resistance. The best thing to do is to honour and respect where you are at. Move at your own pace, allow things to flow and most of all trust your own intuition of where you are at and what you can handle.

In July, bring out your playful side to manifest, using vision boards, affirmations and positive talk. Allow happiness to be felt and acknowledged for the blessings you have, gratitude. Create with no expectations of an outcome and you will reap beyond your visions of how it should be. In the last Sydney workshop we talked about dislodgement as being the dislodging of a reality stuck in old repetitive emotions and programs that we fall prey to. The time around us is powerful and can be very strong and jarring, it is altering our outlook and consciousness. If you are having difficulties, recognise, there is a part within you that is finding it hard to move away from the false promises of the ego. Be gentle and kind with yourself, yet be very clear of the different agendas that are calling you. Be aware of what distracts you, it’s okay not to move forward yet. We gently suggest that you not fill the awkward spaces with distractions, be connected and present in each moment and this will move you without struggle.

Spending time in nature is important, when you do this on a regular basis, it will allow you to balance, align and have more harmonious spaces within you. You will find that it will become easier to deal and cope with any tension and stress in your life.

I have recorded an activation through words and sacred sounds to help you move into a new vibration according to you, this is a gift for you from the many pathways of the Rose Line. The intention of this recording is to open you up to receive the gifts of the divine feminine, grace, clarity, peace, and courage.

As a member of the Nancy Valentine Smith community, you can receive the energies of the month 1st via email,  with additional information to help you understand and get the most out of these energies in your daily life, plus loads more helpful tips for free. Click here to subscribe.

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