June Energies – Update

June Energies UpdateAs we approach this weekend of the Solstice, the air gets cooler and sleep becomes a haven. Rumblings in our core are occurring, attempting to dislodge the old sediment of the old ways of thinking, feeling and living. This gets played out personally and collectively.

Fear comes charging through around issues, big and small during these times. A part within you fears moving ahead, so the distraction of survival issues rears its head again. The hope is to distract you from following the call of what I call, your “future Self” returning to you. At these times sudden changes or occurrences will happen and might feel uncomfortable, but remember that when you are shifting, you sometimes have to move in cryptic ways to step away from old conditioning.

What is coming up in these last two weeks of June is a call to take a major step forward within yourself. The energies entering the Planet over this weekend are massive and the assemblage points on Mother Earth will occur. It is an opportunity for you to take leaps into a new way of being. Many of you are dislodging the past from yourselves, so dreams have been intense and sometimes heavy. Some are feeling very sensitive and a bit intolerable of ego projections from others and even from yourself.  These energies are powerful and wonderful and can propel you into a reality or realities of your highest potential. Remember what we have been saying for a while now, that the old is leaving and the new is coming in at the same time.

In the collective, some might be irrational or very emotional, being swamped with intense feelings of fear, especially around survival stuff. This intensity is because of what has been hidden in your cells, is now leaving.

Keywords for this time are dislodgement, trust and confidence. Having confidence to shift and flow, even though you feel like you’re in an obstacle maze. The veils are thin and energies are bumping into each other on the physical and astral space.
Try to mind your own business. Be very clear of where you are coming from. Do some form of protection shield, not because you are afraid or are in separation, but because so much stuff is flying around from many realities and planes of the emotional field.

This is one of those times when you have to walk through the chaos of release. But know it is also very exciting. A very powerful time where great changes and manifestations into your new can happen quickly.  POW……WOW!!!!!!

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  1. Much gratitude Nancy… I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. For me the old is, the human experience my spirit has been having and the new is experiencing my GodSelf. Which is love, freedom, compassion, understanding, pure, eternal and so very much more than I have words for. X X X

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