June Energies

June EnergiesMovement is occurring in all ways. Life’s tempo is changing and the veil between heaven and earth is getting thinner.

Lives, feelings and thoughts are colliding. As the doorways around your heart open up you will feel the fluttering of energies colluding with each other to release and accept both the known and the unknown.

So many changes and realisations have happened for many of you. In June it continues and hopefully you are a bit wiser and kinder to yourself.

“Through the trials and tribulations of the discovery of yourself, the peaks of joy and the depths of grief will meet in the centre of your asking to form a vessel of transformation. As you get lighter and clearer the space within to truly manifest in will become more balanced.”

Chaos can be enlightening and a source of movement into powerful creative forces. Remember this in June, don’t get caught in the glitz and glam to avoid drama. Remember chaos is an energy of force that’s birthed in the transmutative powers of nature. The drama is the space in which one gets caught in the emotions of fear, judgement or blame. Moving through these times with grace and a deep reverence for yourself takes you straight to the tangibility of hope and lightness of being.

Don’t be afraid of change, you are not going backwards.  Why would you create a new space that is in disempowerment? You have travelled far. During this month know that you are much more than your thoughts.


In June Manifestation, creativity, and a coming together of energies, that has been disjointed for a while will occur for some. Some will even experience the green light on stalled creations.

We will all have the opportunity to correct and connect the pathways of manifestation through allowing the simultaneous symbiosis of purging the old and birthing the new.

As this fluid Consciousness occurs obvious, apparent and empowering ways of Manifestation will occur. In other words, life will lighten up, opportunities will be more valid and in synch, and there will be flow and an appreciation or respect of the true nature of your journey.

Heaven and Earth will meet and embrace at the core of your being.

So play more, meditate more, continue to allow the old going, don’t get in the way of you being happy and at peace. Keep reminding yourself no matter what is occurring that you are moving, changing, awakening, you know nothing and in your nothingness your wisdom will speak.

Many choices of pathways will occur. Feel which one your heart pushes you to. All paths lead you to yourself.

There are no mistakes, just allow yourself to listen and feel.

In June be strong and gentle in your space. In being, strong and sturdy like ancient trees have daily moments of feeding yourself with Love, heartfelt connections with others, the world, Nature and more.  This will be the key to opening the door to prosperity that is beyond your current understanding of prosperity.  Just allow and please share your journey in the comments or on our Facebook Page,  to help others along their path. You may also like to come along to the next workshop where you will receive key activations, expand your energy field and gain a better understanding of what is happening on our planet & how you can empower yourself.

“As one we walk this Earth together, as one we will enter Solomon’s cave
my beloved the songs of Solomon will call you look for me my love
I am in the Chaos returning
And I will kiss you in your stillness
As the storm howls around you
We will walk this earth together, and enter Solomon’s cave
In Frankincense
Gold and
We will bathe”…………


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