May Energies

“In the depth of my Being, there is a light that never goes out & in its vigilance, it brings warmth to me in times of May EnergiesChange.”

You are not the same being as you were yesterday. Time is now accelerating in many ways across many terrains of you. Be very clear & kind to the awareness of your choices & your actions. You are indeed the Director, the Conductor of your life.


May is here & there are openings in this time for you to go through, see & experience the lightness of your being. There is a definite change in the air & each day will definitely feel different from the other. It’s like this, in one day you will experience lightness & a feeling of openness, then by the afternoon you will be feeling a tsunami of intense energies going through you. What is going on, is that you are expelling the heaviness of your past from your Being & at the same time ingesting Divine light – You are awakening.

I know this is going to sound strange but you will go through moments of nostalgia. Nostalgia of the sunny moments of your Journey across many times but also nostalgia for the coming times. What this means is that you are moving into the unknown, ready to be made known through you.

When you can, sit in the Sun for 20 minutes to absorb the energies to revitalise your light vibration in your Solar plexus or, in other words “restore hope within you.”
In May, there are pathways opening up for you to manifest, create & experience flow, ease & just feeling good more often. And know that when you feel good more often, this Creates chance blessings, synchronicity & opportunities to align with you.  To really benefit from this, we have said before, “Mind your own business.”

When you mind your own business, you are not in judgement & when you are not in judgement, you are open & available to receive what you need. As this becomes a daily mantra in movement, you create more acceptance in your cells. In other words, you move out of struggle.

These words we share with you have a certain vibration in them to help you move into a new way of seeing. I am shown that this month of May is the turning point for many. We know that many of you have been feeling that there is great change coming for you, & this is true. There are Keys within you that need to be activated for you to really have and experience the gifts of these times. I have recorded words and sacred sounds to assist you. Through the gifts of alchemy & shamanism, we bring in frequencies to clarify your highest intentions (Higher Self) with your physical body.

“As I stood at the crossroads of my past, the Sirens of my despair revealed their names – Suppression, Shame, Loneliness, and Weariness. And as the etheric Veils lifted, I indeed saw a Being of Majestic Wings & with a Sword of blue, she cuts through the Maya of my mind & I transcend into All”

The Mahatma Transcripts

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  1. Flokis, Katrina

    You always give us such hope! Bless you Nancy xxx

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