April Energies Update – The Male Aspect within us all

Masculine EnergyWe spoke about weather releases & expulsions in our last post – “April Visions”, stating that this is the release of old dogma that has been held on Earth & the inner Earth.
The last 10 days have stirred up a lot of different energies, affecting many of us. We have all felt these energies to a degree, men especially have been affected. The male aspects within us all, have been going through an adjustment. Some of the Symptoms are:
1. Feeling all over the place;
2. Frustrated & “crooked”;
3. Heavy sleep/tiredness;
4. A tug of war within.

You might feel like you have come to a standstill or questioning, “What is it all about? Where am I going?” or, old frameworks of doing are not making sense or having results. This is because on the Energy field of the Collective Consciousness, a rewiring is going on. So, you might feel like you are having glitches. Some men will be feeling like they are being pushed or pulled in different directions, while being called to be more “involved or connected.” This is hard to do as you are going through an expelling of the “old boys club” which could be a way of doing, feeling, seeing & being from many timelines, personally, genetically & collectively. This will start to lift after the ANZAC weekend the 28th April onwards.

There has also been communication glitches, especially with phones, phone lines and plumbing systems. This is because of Earth movements. There are changes afoot, it is important not to buy into the fear around loss or lack, which might be fed to you in these times through the media or conversations.

As I look into my proverbial “crystal ball” I see a battle of the old being purged out, which can cause a mix of emotions such as that we are indeed moving forward & then the fear of our basic needs not being met come up in the same breath. The air is very thin so we have been bombarded with a lot of fear flying around causing unease within us.

Our thought patterns, memory & brain functions are being affected, shoulder & neck pain occurring, a feeling of heaviness or tightness around your right side. You might also feel sudden heaviness & unease in the body.  I recommend a cup of green tea to ease these sensations, a massage or stretching can also help you at this time.  This should start shifting from April 28th


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