April Energies – Visions

Out to Sea (1)As usual, there is always a crescendo at the end of each month, as we all continue to go through our changes, our awakening, our challenges.
This week, I have been quietly observing, listening and spending time with a Beloved Guide teacher, who has been talking, sharing and taking me on journey’s.  I have wanted so much to write about the insights and wisdom I have received but, have been told to wait.  Today is Easter Saturday.
So in the next 24 hours on and off, I will go into the Sacred Chambers of “The council of the Anointed ones,” to bring back a message for us all.
I have not heard this Beloved Guides voice so clearly, closely and tangibly exquisite, since I was 10 years old. His radiant smile has been transmuting the dross, the hardness of my needs into Satori, moving in and out of these places within.

You might have been feeling sudden bursts of irritation or frustration that wash over you and then flow away, or witnessing and experiencing anger, outbursts of irrational and overwhelming feelings of anger.  Many are feeling an energy hangover of the old leaving.  There has been an intense vibration in the air, and it’s the collective vibe of fear. Fear of lack and survival, fear in all its shape and size – that causes separation. This is happening in the collective. So, when you are out & about, you maybe triggered within, as your fear, strong or subtle, is stirred to be lifted & shifted.  Don’t take it personally, which is easy to do, or get plugged in when others become irrational. They are just going through a time within, that now calls them to move into truth and integrity, and some are fighting this, no matter who you are or what your beliefs are. We are all going through an Evolution of Consciousness and no one is exempt.

“Many are feeling the constrictions & the tyrannical ways of a false prophet – Fear.”

In April, we have an opportunity to move through a time both personally & collectively, where we can change our fear into a gateway of freedom in many ways & forms. Through your own Sacred ways either through prayer’s, meditations, healing or being with nature in some form of  Connection.  This will create a space for you to move out of the Consciousness of lack, through regular and deep connection with your  Spirit/spirituality, that inspires and lifts you, softens you into the Grace of these times where you will be able to ride these momentous changes.

“In April many rainbows will appear signalling the arrival of many Heavenly bodies of Light and hope descending.”

You are continuing the reshaping and realigning of yourself to your true essence. The moments of difficulties and the bumps on your path, are just the removal of false testimonials of your disempowerment, now being lifted. The struggle you might feel is the fear of the unknown, walking the path with no map or supposed direction.

“You are the light that will guide & lead you into the unknown. This path cannot be mapped, for this is the Sacred Holiness of your Existence.”

April is the month we are calling the Bridge. Karmic overtones will
occur and if you allow through trusting & understanding that some
experiences are just a process that needs to occur, to be played out, then it will resolve quickly. In some ways it’s like catching up or finishing a book you haven’t picked up for ages.

“Do not be afraid of Fear, it has had its purpose in the Growth of all Consciousness here on Earth.”

We have allowed fear through many timelines, collectively & personally, to guide us, and what a ride of discovery it has been.  In this month, we step onto the Bridge for Love. All encompassing and Divine Love is calling us. Be aware of the unsuspecting Messenger’s, that will appear on your path to assist you. This is the month to also really connect & bring honouring, respect & kindness to your physical self and your physical reality.

The Earth will go through another wobble effect, which you will feel as heavy tiredness that you might feel a need to close your eyes for a short moment, only to open them feeling refreshed. Time will have no order.  You will be able to create experiences quicker, so really be conscious of what your intentions are. A simple, easy way when you remember, is to hold this truth that “I AM LOVE.” You can say it as much as you like and in all situations, in all places. You will feel the effects of these words, as it moves through your life, uplifting you.

“And she walked the stone path, her hair & skin drenched in the oils and herbs of renewal. She did not weep, my lady of Benjamin’s line, and I did greet her and her eyes did fill me with the light of Remembrance, and in the breath of the Man I am, I held her. For I had not forgotten the decree of my physical self, and in the reconciliation of the Man and God I am we rejoiced.”

Know that there are more changes that will occur on the planet as expansion happens. Simultaneously, a release of old dogma will occur in the earth’s atmosphere, inner Earth, and through weather releases and expulsions. Like us, the Earth is also moving through her evolution on all levels.
You are a spiritual being in a physical body experiencing all aspects of your Humanness and as you travel, awaken and grow, you will move in a circle, to eventuate in your fullness of Being, creating every moment.
April is the month that you will be able to glimpse heaven everywhere if you look from your eyes of, “I am love.”

Note: The words in inverted commas are words directly from a teacher in the Spiritual Realm
Love Nancy X

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Receive a Free Activation when you subscribe


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5 responses to “April Energies – Visions

  1. Fay

    Oh wow .. this is so spot on Nancy .. amazing .. you message explains so much and we are only 4 days into April. lol

    • Thank you Fay , I will have more info to share this Month when it comes through. I have definitely feeling so much different array of energies within & around. It’s like every level of realities is being stirred.

  2. Tania

    Oh Nancy thank you..so true….thank you for confirming and conforting me..I needed this …..

    • Hello Tania thank you for your message , it feels intense at different times, today I have felt like I am channelling a bear with a sore head, no reason & when I do remember I jus take myself aside & try & be still, as a storm moves through, this is the nature of some of these energies Xx

  3. Fay

    Omg Nancy .. I’ve just re-read your message, after a few tumultuous days of massive clearing, of old fears and feelings of powerlessness, forged over a many a past life. Gosh, this message is so layered. I wasn’t able to fully realise its depth until i experienced the huge healing of the past few days. Your understanding and then VERY timely support has overwhelmed me. You are a true instrument of divine love and healing Nancy .. thank you for being you .. all my love ❤ xxx

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