Vibrations of Karma Energies

Dragon March 2015As you move through these times, know that some of you will feel like you are going backwards, or you may be a bit cantankerous. This is the result of you releasing the vibrations of Karma energies from your field. You may have feelings of heaviness or exhaustion in the body, also a foggy feeling around the head. You might feel like you aren’t able to complete simple tasks.  Just allow these energies to move through, it will pass soon.  These energies have been triggered since the weekend. These energies are the karmic dross, the effects of cause and effect, of duality based creations in your timeline of your life and journey now being brought up to be released and transmuted. So there will be moments this week where you will feel overwhelmed with certain scenarios of past, present and probable future. These are just memories or wishes the mind will release. Try not to entertain them, and as best as you can, get through this week.

Know that if fear or a feeling of not having enough trust or foresight occurs, it’s just tiredness on some level of your being. There has been so much change, growth and acceleration of you. There will be different aspects of yourself catching up now. You might have old thoughts, memories or blast from the past dreams or experiences. As best as you can, allow it to just move along, karma consciousness is being felt. Feel it with grace and ease, and try not to get caught in its web of dross.

The symbol or totem for this week:

Protection, transformation and transmutation, grounding, prosperity, vitality,
New passions, Alchemy fire of new ways.

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One response to “Vibrations of Karma Energies

  1. Robyn Walker

    Hi Nancy, this is the most spot on i have ever known your readings to be…not just for myself, for so many around me. Much love. Robyn xoxo Robyn Walker Speaker/Facilitator/Educator/Presenter + 61 (0) 417 440 664 Sydney, Australia. ‘We are one people, living on one planet, Breathing the same air, feeding from the same earth!’ Robyn Walker

    Staff Engagement/Team Development/Leadership Trainings Creating a Better World – One TEAM at a Time®

    Inspirational, informative & entertaining TV LOVE is ‘Linking Our Vibrational Energies’ Robyn Walker

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