Distortions on the Earth

March Distorted EarthDistortions on the Planet are being released which can cause sudden erratic weather patterns, Earth movements in the next two weeks.

There is so much energies raining down on us at this time.  Some of us are having difficulties with these energies physically, because our physical bodies are still in Old ways. Our minds, feelings, even thoughts are healing, clearing and moving forward but our bodies are the last ones to catch up with all these changes.  Because of this, some of you will feel baffled, a bit “over it” or disillusioned. You feel like you are doing so much work in understanding, awakening etc but nothing in your Physical reality is shifting quickly enough or the manifestations haven’t come through yet, or your body is strong, healthy and fitter than ever before, but your head stuff keeps appearing at certain times when you are about to connect with your heart.

The distortion might bring to the forefront what you thought was already resolved or debris of Fear in its many forms.

We are being asked to really trust, have faith and surrender to seeing our lives and this planet from Love.

Just be aware that in these days approaching, some will have strange, not nice thoughts or images in their heads. Do not worry, you are experiencing the effects of the distortions, wobbles.

Some will feel heaviness, or intense neck and head pains.

The Distortions are occurring because The Earth, Mother Earth is moving, releasing so much Old Consciousness.

What will help you during this time?
– keep light, allow light, lightness of your being,
– kindness, feeding yourself with laughter, smiles, even if it’s only for a short time a day, pencil it in.
– say these few words “I am the new way creating the new templates of a new life arriving, I am supported by Heaven and Earth” 

The skies are filled with change, unbeknownst to many the heavens have been very busy, in my sojourn to the Spiritual realms which has been more often these days, it resembles a huge ancient marketplace with many different groups in discussions, debates, and some are holding space in deep meditation.  There are more Angels and magnificent beings surrounding you.

There are many gateways open which can contribute to certain feelings.  The best way for me to describe it is that it’s like we are on a travellator going through different timelines, there is nostalgia leaving from the collective, memories leaving our collective psyche and then there is an unusual nostalgia that has no history or story.  It’s a feeling of familiarity that you have not met before entering in, these are all symptoms of timeline distortions also (Yes, we are in a Dr Who Episode.)


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