March Energy Update to assist you

March Update

At this time the energies are like sliding door moments, where you might & have experiences of crookedness, bumping into things, random (but not really) experiences arriving.  It’s like some of us are being shuttled or shuffled out or into certain spaces, places, in preparation for major alignments to be on par with Gateways to go through at these time on all levels.   Ironic moments, conversations, observations are occurring. Stay grounded by having a good sweat, a workout.

Your old programs are being pulled out causing clumsy reactions physically & emotionally. Some of you will also be experiencing communication glitches in many different ways. We have been speaking for a while of these changes, they in Waves. Not too long ago many were predicting Tsunami Waves hitting many places & we have been in this space, energetically.  If you just observe for a few minutes, consciously, our inner landscapes has been transformed in many ways which in turn impacts & shape shifts our outer reality.  Try & not go into fear, especially when your outer landscape is moving at a pace that can be hard to understand or keep up with. You might have moments coming up that feel like you are walking into walls or doors.  On some level you are.  Readjustments of your whole being is occurring.

When tiredness hits you, if possible get a catnap or know the tiredness is a rewiring of you.  Detoxing of what you are still clinging to & some are unable to sleep up till late or averaging 3 to 4 hours a night.

We are being called to Change, Let go, Surrender, Transform, Evolve, Move into Divine Truth & more. Each one of us is having our own unique experience & journey in this unfoldment, on the collective we are all United that we cannot play small anymore, it’s time to Connect with yourself  Heart Ways. Remember the ego is a tricky little bugger that doesn’t want you to be empowered & in your Sovereignty of Self through the Heart. Every energy symptom you are going through is the process of dismantling the old ways of being in the head, in separation, in fear.

Like the days of the Mystery Schools you are in initiation, layer by layer peeling away the illusion.
And like many wise ways assist yourself by eating light & clean, go barefoot in nature at the beach, or the park, run up a good mountain, hit the gym do some yoga of just walk……

I recorded this earlier in the week to assist you in the upcoming weeks as we go through a time frame of many  vortexes. Nurture and be kind to yourself.  
xMarch Update Dragonfly message





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