A Message for this week

Sydney Flight March 1A busy weekend in Sydney, it’s cloudy & raining,  but it’s okay, I’m on my way home & the 1 hour flight delay gave me a chance to do one of my favourite things, observing people.

I see all the energy fields, the stories, where they have been and where they want to go.  This evening, I was reminded how many people gather in their similar energy clusters or similar vibrations, so I sat back and watched & went deeper into the field of consciousness.

On a very bumpy flight now, just rose higher above the turbulence and that’s the message of these times. We are in turbulent times and for some, it’s right at your doorstep. As I watched the people in the terminal, I saw an interesting condition, one of exhaustion among many.  I really feel that this tiredness is on some Level a result of the struggle to let go and trust, to rise above our stuff.  I reckon it’s difficult because our stuff could be the only thing even if it’s uncomfortable, that is a well known friend, framework and so on. It’s not that easy to move into the unknown, the new.
You are being pushed into new territories and the One pushing is You.

From the plane way above, I watch the clouds below with the lightening moving through, pushing through the density of the clouds to bring the news flash that we are living in a time like no other, that we can and we will get through these times of personnel & collective change.

I look forward to this week and I hear very clearly, “spend quiet times just in sacred space within you, contemplate, reflect or just be for it’s in these moments you will refuel & gain clarity, and this clarity will inspire you to take action in what is called rightful flow e.g. Dominoes move in Rightful flow.

So just a quick note…… back to when I was people watching.  At one of the gates, passengers were coming through, disembarking and 80% of them had the same grouping, without a doubt they would have had a past life together. For this group it was in the highlands of Scotland.  So, I surmise without going into the details of how this is done, that this week “if anger or a need to have space occurs, know that it is you, ready to go beyond the generational obligation to mind your manners and to know your place. So just recognise and acknowledge that your descendants are calling you………….. Go Ahead

ps plane just landed and “Great Southern Land” is playing on my iPhone… love it

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