March – Miracles, Magic, Movement

March EnergiesThere have been so many changes, shifts in consciousness on all levels. Energies moving through our lives causing change of heart, change of mind & so much more.  We are all in such deep processes, some parts we know about, others are happening across many realities & in many whirlpools within that we don’t have the full picture of & that’s okay.

Our mind, our thoughts have been through & are going through a restructuring.  Trusting yourself, your ability as you go through these immense changes will bring courage & strength as we are all returning to Love.  At times, we cannot avoid the discomfort or the struggle that we feel, nor the sudden physical turns that occur. Know that we are all going through this in different degrees.  One day you will feel enlightened, clear, excited & the next you will feel the opposite, this is OK, just respect each state. I find that moving into a conscious choice, to not have Judgement in any form helps, even if it’s for one moment a day.

I was taught that Miracles come through specific Elements coming together in a Quantum Crucible.

Try just for a day not to judge yourself, others, anything & everything. I find when I do this often my mind starts to trust me to lead the way.

In March there are moments where Miracles can enter your life. Make space for it to move through you by letting go of resentments & frustrations, don’t get caught up in the petty stuff.  In different circumstances stay in your own space without going into separation or exclusivity.

“The Alchemical communion of disharmony & harmony is a vessel for the astral spaces to be transmuted” – The Seven Merlins

In March there are grand possibilities to move beyond fear, to start seeing & experiencing light & harmony.  Some of you have gone through such intense, quick changes where you have had to think on your feet. We suggest in March to allow yourself to soften & attempt to see the world through rose coloured glasses.

On the World stage we will see moments of incredible Super Humanity where our hearts, at different times, will be triggered to open & feel as we realise more & more that we are all indeed connected.  There will be more focus on Space & Planetary occurrences, expect the unexpected to be revealed.

The Symbol of Dove & the Lion is over lighting March
The Dove carries the message of hope, new beginnings……
There are new horizons to choose from, let hope carry you through, allow any despair to move through the rivers of tears………..Entering the Ocean…….Ark of the Covenant
The Lions & Lionesses surround you at this time, see this vision to be true, entering your being, know Courage, Strength, Endurance & a Lion’s Heart is there for you.
Times are still intense & changes are still occurring more & more, yet now it is time you allow the balance of Grace & Ease to meet you regularly


Also this month, I have recorded an Activation to assist you. These Activation are strong, it’s vibrations of the words & sounds will bring in a field of light to support you. If you would like to receive this & stay connected, please click here. 

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