Experiencing such fast moving moments?

Fast Moving MomentsThere is so much happening in and around your life that you can feel overwhelmed. You are going through tremendous changes, no matter who you are, as the large amounts of light, energies & frequencies entering your being is so difficult to describe. Yet the effects can be life changing:
• belief systems being dismantled,
• what & how you thought things & life should be, suddenly a need to readjust or a change of your viewpoint
• sudden onset of illness
• change of work direction
• hidden stuff being revealed
This theme will continue and you are all invited to open, expand & move into Divine alignment. These difficulties, struggles & pains are about undoing the old illusions & undoing what is no longer valid in your journey as Spirit beings in physical form. It is the conditioning of an old format that your body is holding that is reflected onto the physical landscape for your life to transform & move into a new way, new life, new being. The purging of your body & physical reality is occurring.

We are all experiencing such fast moving moments, some will feel like you are
• having many lives in one,
• changing your mind constantly
• not able to retain much in your head
• becoming more sensitive (flatulence, cramps, intolerance) in your tummy.
If you can, just allow the process to occur, supporting yourself the best way you can. No need to put a story to it as you are just evolving. You are becoming lighter in your Consciousness. No doubt you are changing, you feel very uncomfortable or at times have that “not right feeling” which can be hard in every day circumstances. Just take care of yourself, honour yourself as much as you can in any given situation & that could be as simple as just saying “no thanks”.

The totems around to assist you are the Kookaburra & Crow. Both have a strong element of heralding in the death of the old and are also here to assist those who are crossing at this time. Take note when they are around, it’s like a reminder that what you are going through is all part of the bigger picture.

Kookaburra says “It is time for you to look ahead & not down when you walk your way. We have come to take away the tendrils of your thoughts, that trip you up making us laugh. The Sun is rising & setting faster than my Ancestors remembering. Know your descendants are approaching ”

Crow says “I move into the void & return to the centre of all thoughts, allow the cawing of Ancient songs to return to the void, hold no fear”.

Feb 15th – February 23rd
A time of the Rose Scented pathways, where beauty & grace can enter your life. Meaning, The Divine Feminine will be close and accessible to you during this time. Where it is possible, you will feel & have experiences of heart, tenderness & compassion. The miracles of forgiveness will be seen and the voices of children will be heard more worldwide.
Spotlight on the Vatican as the consciousness of the Rose moves through. Some will have strong nostalgic feelings, smells, senses as the timeline of your lives merge. X

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