Connecting with Mother Earth & Nature Spirits

This Photograph taken by my partner Mark

This Photograph taken by my partner Mark

My partner, Mark & I had been talking on & off about connecting with Mother Earth & Nature Spirits (Elementals). Of the importance of having a more conscious, humble & gentle relationship with nature seen & unseen.
Then, early one morning after a couple of weeks of intense rain, Mark set out to take photos of the area at the base of Mount Woolumbin – cleansed, alive & rejuvenated. Before taking the photos, he gave thanks for the beauty around him & asked from his heart for permission to enter the area to take photographs. He threw a stone down the path where he wanted to walk & asked the nature spirits to show themselves & for permission to photograph them. When he got home and looked through his photo’s there they were. Can you see the face? If you look at the direct centre of this photo, where the morning light highlights the water cascading over the large rock, you can see a face, have a good look at the photo & you might be able to see more.

I find deep connection when I am in nature that connects me to the Oneness & beauty we all hold, it is in this space that I now allow myself to feel & experience the innocence of wisdom. Right now on this magnificent big blue Planet we are at a Grand crossroad. Mother Nature continues to cleanse & purge in whatever form she heralds in, to rid the Old ideology of Separation. There are many Indigenous ways & Wisdoms being shared & revealed by Elders & Medicine people, Wisdom keepers at this time, for the state of our home & the call from Great Mother has required many to step forward.

When we spend time in Nature, we do with reverence,
we light a candle within.
We sit at the altar of trees & listen to the Sermon of the creek or cicadas.
We share knowledge with the birds & laugh with Elementals.
I am always moved back into the circle & flow

Thank you Mark Brombal for the photo & your Connection X

This audio is a sacred song that I have felt to do for my Brothers from Mexico, New Mexico & Columbia who, I reconnected with recently. You are welcome to listen & receive the frequencies & codes. It’s titled ” Song for my Brothers” It might stir in some feelings around the heart, also around the throat. Breathe deeply as it will open Ancient memories in the feeling body. Drink water straight afterwards.

Some might experience unusual sensations, it is just Ancient pathways opening within.
Click here if you would like to listen to “Song for my Brothers” 

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