Key in Feb – Truth Respect & Honouring Yourself

A feeling of “no more bull poop”, looking at situations or people or parts of your life & going what the ??????  Well you’re on track!

February on trackThe energy around us is very very interesting, the keywords that come up are truth, respect & honouring yourself.

You might be feeling impatient, a sense of Enough!! …….drama, distraction, small talk.   In February you will have opportunity to take purposeful action & to move in a direction that is grounded. You will be & for some already being pushed to speak your truth, to stand in your truth, on a bigger picture it’s like an umbrella of this energy is overlooking us, sometimes strong, intense feelings occur to push us forward or out of a fog.

Respect & honouring yourself is a big one at the moment, & it seems when we lax in this, we get hit really quickly with a scenario or experience in work or relationships with others, or with money that trips us up. February is about getting clear, strong & free from any chains of stubbornness, delays & controlling ways.

If you are feeling a tad angry, feeling over it, try to take purposeful steps to move & help create your new.

The February energies are about also moving out of a fearful & lack consciousness around money. This is because we have pockets of moments where we can really step into a space of flow & positive change in our Manifestations.  We are being pushed out of our supposed comfort zone. The quickening this month is more tangible & evident in our physical reality. Your lower backs, legs (especially calves & thighs) might be activated energetically – unusual pains, cramps etc, for the old data is being released around staying in one spot, one consciousness & ways of Survival.

For some, you might be called to go back into old spaces to tend or complete unfinished business on many different levels, this is called for, so when you move forward there will be no obstacle or space for Sabotage.  Many children during this time will have major growth spurts, many will also express impatience & fiery temperaments.  Swimming, sitting on the grass barefoot, drinking lots of water, lying on the ground looking at the sky will help heaps, also for us too.  It will connect us to the bigger picture & help us ground ourselves, align ourselves between heaven & Earth.  In the World, there will be moments of enlightened breakthroughs in Governments & People power, try to tune into this.

So don’t be disheartened you are being rattled around to open & move to your next level.  I will share with you any info as it comes through during this time in February.  If you haven’t already, subscribed, Click here so you get the info first.

This song pretty much sums up the month of February.  X
Seal – Crazy 

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