Sacred Song – It’s all about Connection

Sacred Song Jan 2015It’s a very big time for all of us at the moment as we go through these massive changes. Many things have been occurring in our lives. Some out of the blue moments quick shifts on our paths, feeling overwhelmed more than once a day. Feeling physical shifts in energies. This has been occurring on and off strongly in the last since 6 months and since last November it’s intensified. This is all part of the quickening processes that we’ve been speaking about for a long time. The quickening process is the dismantling of who you are, the old you, and while this is occurring there is a simultaneous process happening of the new coming in. There are many times when this can become very overwhelming. It can be confusing because it’s like we’re all being hit by very strong energies that bring up intense feelings. The feelings of anger, grief, confusion, even questions around where am I going, what am I doing, why am I doing this? are all intensified.

This Sacred song is about connection. It can assist you to connect to the stars, to the earth, to that expansive consciousness so that even for a short while you are able to rise above the density of the journey that you are experiencing, as you are shedding many skins.

This Sacred song will assist you as you continue this wonderful journey. Remember you are a courageous wondrous being. The experience of your physical reality (feelings, thoughts) is a major process, you are literally moving out of an old landscape, old consciousness old paradigm into a place of more light.

I recorded this 3 minute Sacred song for you to receive, allow yourself to feel, receive the frequencies coming through to support, open & assist you in this continuous journey of fast changing times.

Be open to the magic click here

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