A Message for the next 5 days

Dreamtime MessageI would like to share with you a message I received relating to the coming days of January 15th to January 19th

I awoke with a massive energy hangover, I had a night in dreamtime, busy in its revelations. I travelled through the passages of time & Dimensional Realities following my Souls signature, weaving her threads of interconnectedness into Me in this Now……..

There was much more in this message & dreamscape than I am sharing with you now.


“this time is full of magic & enlightenment, of choices for you to have. It’s your conditioned resistance to go beyond the beyond that causes unnecessary delays. In the next 5 days to be precise, & listen carefully, there is a golden & emerald green light that is accessible. It is strong as it enters your heart, its purpose is to dissolve the barriers around your consciousness, to move into high Alchemy”.

Now to translate it, to share with you this message …….

If you can step or allow yourself to soften, to be kind, to let go of the hardness of distrust or cynicism towards yourself which gets projected outwards on your personal landscape & outer World, then you will start a new effect of creating openings in your field of potentiality to experience Magic.

Kindness in your thoughts, words, movement & expression is a blessing not to be misunderstood or devalued by the Ego’s combativeness towards simple ease & grace. These next 5 days you have an opportunity to feel an expansion, an uplifting.  Dare to dream & see it coming into being ness. Enough with the distractions of the small self in its continuous attempt to keep you busy by trying to make headways.

Be kind in your impact of your environment, thoughts & responses & then feel the loosening of rigidity in its control over you, your creativity, expression, play & to love in each moment without a cause………


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2 responses to “A Message for the next 5 days

  1. Tina

    Thank you Nancy for sharing your infinite wisdom! Tina xxx

  2. Irene Kypreos

    Thank you so much for this!! 🙂 x

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