January 2015 – Part 1

Dec 2014As I enter into the chambers of Visioning, a Chorus of Fractal light rushes towards me, my head heats up, I feel a knot in my heart & throat, colours call me from my peripheral and the message begins…….

Before January arrives many of us in different ways already feel like we are on a boat in rocky, stormy waters being hit side to side. There is so much energy coursing through us & we are attempting to move with it.

We are living in a strong climate of intensity in its many forms as we clear out the old “stuff”, the new enters and sometimes comes face to face or energy to energy causing what I call an Argy Bargy effect.

January will be a bit like this especially in the next 10 days, because the New is here, yet the old stuff, is still moving out. This can cause delays, strange twists & turns and frustrations which causes tiredness, lethargy & so on. The mixtures of feelings can cause exhaustion in different ways. On the physical, the Adrenal, Nervous System and Endocrine System is being hammered at times. What this means is we are ready able & willing to move forward into the new way, new life, new space within & out. The amount of energies &, vibrations have created an expansion of consciousness within that in turn is pulled up & out. Any thoughts or emotional patterns that are not apt or accurate to who we are or becoming. All of this is happening in a very small structural space, we are ready for the lights to turn fully green instead of fluctuating from red/ green, stop/ go. Quiet time with yourself, nurturing & nutrients, swim in that beautiful Ocean, walk the Earth, stand barefoot on the ground, lots of hugs, simple enjoyments of your life & love can clear the mish mash of energies.

The New is here & you will enter it in an empowered, loving, fearless way. January is the month of Sliding doors, a lot of incredible experiences & gifts will be presented to you.

1st to 5th January …… Try to keep light, eat well, swim in Ocean, sleep & rest well, energies are flying around that are like drunken Bats tripping over in mid-air landing on your head, causing sudden feelings of impatience, intolerance & maybe feeling possessed….
Advice “sleep it off or find a good wall or tree to stare at”

6th to 11th January……..Clarity will come through, more moments of hope & trust will be restored. A time to lift your head out of the mosh pit to know that you are indeed OM track breakthroughs, sudden shifts and Aha moments. At times you might feel like you have hit ground hog day, you haven’t, At these times move gently, don’t get caught or distracted in the bling of drama, if you suddenly feel scattered or all over the place
Advice “just wash your face, drink glass of water this will quickly clear & centre you” .

2014 was a very intense at times, well heaps, it was a time of the Clash of the Titans, we are big souls waking up & realising we cannot be in small, limited, rigid ways. In 2015 the quickening continues, manifestations, realisations of dreams will start occurring. We have said this many times , that you are all in your own Unique way are going through a dismantling process of what is no longer valid in your journey of Life.

Set your goals, your affirmations & so on, but leave a lot of space for Synchronicity, Magic, Miracles & your Divinity to Create with you, Surrender & allow. Get out of your own way.

2015 is where many will start feeling heaven on Earth”.
As you leave 2014 in Gratitude of all that was, may you enter 2015 with excitement, courage, hope & Great respect & honouring of yourself

The audio for this month will assist you during this time, its vibrations of the words & sounds will bring in a field of light to support you. Please do not listen while driving & if you can listening with headphones is recommended. Please click here to subscribe to Nancy Valentine Smith to receive the free link to the audio.

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