Blessings of the Solstice New Moon & Christmas

Earth SunriseMay the blessings of the Solstice New Moon be received & accepted by you.

We are in a powerhouse time, the changes, the quickening, many are now feeling. Witnessing & understanding a great clearing of separation consciousness is occurring no matter who you are & what your beliefs are.  The intricate & intrinsic truth that we are all connected, we are one, is being felt & experienced in many ways. The message, key for this time is Connection. Allow yourself to connect with your heart, to Care & to feel. Take the time to do this with yourself first during this time of the Solstice, New Moon, and Christmas. Create the moment to rest, be silent & to be.

Family might push your buttons at this time – don’t get caught in the same old same old, leave things be. When you connect more with yourself, it allows the space around you & within to be more fluid & non judgemental, which in turn allows others to feel calm & peace.

Battles and turmoil are created from lack, from feelings of loss. On a deep core level, it is the search for energies that have been depleted through the many journeys of disconnection from ones divinity along the time lines. There is a balancing of Earth’s lore occurring, we have been able to connect with each other more lately as a collective, this has been possible due to the mass uprising of the Heart.

We humbly suggest to allow these feelings to guide you into yourself, Heart, Care, Compassion & kindness to you, for to do this creates a powerful onset of interconnectedness that without a doubt causes a change in the realm of Fate… Moving into Destiny.

This is the time where we are moving through many portals of light. Movement is in the air. The Ancestral energies, Ancient ones, StarWalkers, Earth Guardians are amass at this doorway of Greatness right now. The Star & Earth lines are moving into a Sacred Configuration.  I have been watching the Songlines in the Ethers, the intensity of the Light & Dark is creating so much change in one moment. Know the intensity of these energies are moving through us, I find connecting to Mother Earth, Nature is a powerful soothing balm, prayer & Care, Compassion & Connection is important.  “Let reverence & Sacredness surround you, keep your eyes to the Heavens, your Heart connected in the Oneness & your feet on the ground”

Wishing you a very peaceful, loving Solstice & Christmas time

Please click here for a short audio as a Christmas gift of Connection X



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