Meeting The Messengers

With our visiting brothers from Columbia, Mexico, The Navajo & Australia

With our visiting brothers from Columbia, Mexico, The Navajo & Australia

These are the days of lightening up, letting go, clearing & so on. The more we work on it, the more we feel very uncomfortable & heavy, it becomes difficult to be in the old. I feel, I see & I am experiencing the movements of these times, the lifting of the veils & the charged currents of each moment filled with limitless potential of many paths. This comes about in direct relation to making a choice & having the courage to move from the illusions of drama & the old consciousness of Separation. We are all, in our own creative way, in a habit of disempowerment but the less stuff we have literally, energetically on many levels, the more space we have within to truly connect with all that is, which in turn creates a life of flow & synchronicity that activates our Divine purpose in manifestation & action.
Lots of very big questions have been knocking on my door lately. Leaving me at a crossroad in my life about what it all means to be here on Earth at this time. I know that 2015 must bring in the new in all its glory & beauty and after this weekend I realise the importance & necessity to connect with nature to attune with my heart daily to Mother Earth.

This weekend I sat & listened, sang sacred songs, had conversations, laughed & remembered so much. I was with my brothers & sisters who had arrived from Columbia, Mexico & the Navajo. The Elder Brothers spoke of the importance of oneness, of no judgement and reminded us that we all had a task to now care for the Earth that our existence & our children’s are entwined with Great Mother. I shared my visions/seeing with my brothers who confirmed also of having the same visions/seeing. My Sisters of this great nation and of Aotearoa spoke in many ways that the time is now for ownership of oneself, of forgiveness, of nurturing & nourishment for all lives. This was a spontaneous intimate gathering that occurred in the heart of the Caldera – Thank you Clive & Carol.  Sacred fire was lit, ceremonies occurred & as I returned home I knew an assemblage point had been shifted.

Our time in nature & connection to her is a major key in these times of great change. Be in the moment, breathe through your discomfort, stop running back or jumping ahead. The gifts that are yours cannot be given if you are not here in the NOW.

The Message

At Clive & Carols In the heart of the Caldera with our visitors from Columbia, Mexico, Aotearoa, Australia, The Navajo & Mexico spreading the message


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3 responses to “Meeting The Messengers

  1. Thanks you sister! Love you and love your sharing xxx walk in beauty xxx

  2. Beautiful words sister, right there with you on this xxxx

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