Energies for December – Change of Universal Guards

December Energies AngelThis last week of November has been really odd, wacky. The Universal Team Cleaners have been sweeping through our life, especially in the last 10 days. There has been a lot of clearing & a call to really move forward, leaving the past. Some of you would have experienced sudden major changes in your life. What needed to go in your life has happened or has started to happen. I would suggest as best you can, be in the moment, breathe through the intense energies going through you. Don’t be afraid, I have said this before.

Some of you are fast tracking, going through an immense quickening. This wobble effect, a feeling of no time, distortion in your energy fields at different times which can cause random experiences, out of the blue moments that resemble an Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Seuss & a Stephen King collaboration. Things are getting better but moving very fast so in DECEMBER – the first thing I would say is “Fasten your seat belts”
A rearranging is occurring, you are being prepared to enter into the most incredible moments of your journey, the quickening continues. The preliminary process of 2015 begins, you will get Divine glimpses of what is possible and there will be moments for you to have the courage to NOT get caught in the web of distractions. You will be pushed or pulled forward as the Avalanche of energies on the World stage & in Nature occur.

Use these energies to propel you into a space of Trust & Knowing that you are witnessing & experiencing the change of “Universal Guards” on Earth & in your life. Entering a completely new way of life & consciousness.

We would suggest balancing this intense time of dismantling with the creative forms of stepping into the new daily. Even if it’s a very small step that brings a feeling of peace. In December you can experience manifestations very quickly, so balance any angst with the feelings & actions of creative quick shifts.  Some of you have been experiencing the continuous dismantling of yourself & life. This is the time for you to move into a fine tuning phase, so your senses on all levels will be heightened, connect with your body in a gentle, strong way.

This is the month where the wheels of change accelerate with more Synchronicity & sudden movements in different areas of your life. Don’t be afraid, this has been happening for a while, it is just becoming more obvious that your lives are not the same & many changes are happening quicker. Allow the feelings of excitement to grow.

Balance, Creative Action, Trust, & Strength are the keywords to assist you fasten your seat belts. Divine meetings at the crossroads of one’s life, Guided chaos (gentle ones) are the keywords for December.

The audio for this month will assist you during this time, its vibrations of the words & sounds will bring in a field of light to support you. Please do not listen while driving & if you can listening with headphones is recommended.  Please click here to subscribe to Nancy Valentine Smith to receive the free link to the audio.


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