Energies of the week – Trust the Unknown

Energies for the Week 22 NovA continuation this week to clean out the old from your closest, home & body, making space in your life for the New. Trust the unknown becoming known with grace & support for you.  Let go of the old ways & wares.

Sometimes as we go through this process, anger, impatience or experiences occur to get the fasting & cleansing process in our lives started. If this occurs, know that it’s not about anything outside of yourself, it is energy you have called forth to move some really stuck patterns within you that create some of your journey, don’t waste your time making it about the external or others.

Lighten up your environment on all levels.  Allow yourself to be very present this week in each moment, many gifts will be there such as opening of your heart, understanding, releasing control & judgement, which will then bring in the light of deep Gratitude.

The keys of your Divine attributes will unlock you from the restrictions of your ego Self, just be present in each moment. There is also a collective release happening in your cells, do not be alarmed if at times you are experiencing strange thoughts or images that are yours but not, this is the collective junk mail leaving you each time you ingest large amounts of light, a simultaneous process is occurring.

So continue to clean out your space, body & mind. When the toxins come up through anger or impatience don’t get caught in judgement or a battle, it’s OK to feel it, its Fire energy burning the dross within you.


I’ve recorded an Audio of words & sacred sounds/songs to assist you this week, move stuck energies out & to receive a gift of Self Realisation through Light. Please click here to subscribe here to receive this audio

Please do not listen to while driving & if possible listening with headsets is recommended.

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