November Energies

Just a quick chat about the Energies of this month of November.

ForgivenessIssues can be resolved quickly & gracefully if you decide to allow the flow of energy to navigate through sharp turns & corners of your life. If you feel grounded yet a tad off balance, this is happening because adjustments to your energy field, Self & life will be occurring.  There will be moments where you feel light & clear.  A lot of energy will occur around your chest, lungs & heart like a nervous butterfly wings fluttering feelings within. Your heart is opening & remembering.

Forgiveness is one of the key words of this month, be kind & gentle with yourself .

Subtly you are moving to a space, a place where the beginnings of experiencing the new will start to arrive.

Gratitude must now be like water, that you have daily & often.

It’s okay to move ahead.
This month there will be clear moments of openings & ease to accept & receive the New.
Allow the stories of guilt & duty to be lifted, these are just the old mandate of restriction & dis-empowerment.
This month there will be opportunities presented to you to move beyond the boundaries of density & limitations.
Being stubborn during this time will not serve you at all (not that it does anyway)

Allow Softness to be felt within, around you, emanating on your life’s stage………. & then witness the creations of this alignment.

Also look out for the introduction of the new coming in, be alert that many choices that may fall at your doorstep at once.  Just be very clear of your hearts direction. Recognise what is real and what is old and what is new.

Keywords for this month are Alignment, ebb & flow, forgiveness, gratitude &………. Onset of Manifestations of the New

From the 11th till the 22nd November there are doorways opened, like entry pillars of light & frequency. During this time a high
potentiality of moving into new creations, opportunities, abundance & more will occur, it is intense also for this new to occur the old
must go.

I’ve recorded a meditation/activation to assist you move through this month, to align you with the positive energies that are coming through.   When you listen to this meditation/activations you will be put in a space/place where you are in alignment to energies and consciousness of healing & assistance to shift anything in the way of you manifesting a clear path.  Listen to this weekly during the month of November and I’ll keep you posted on any changes throughout the month.

To receive this Meditation/Activation, please subscribe here, you’ll then automatically receive one each month via Email.   If you would like to experience a meditation/activation before you subscribe, please click here.


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