What an Orbsome Workshop

Workshop prep2- Orbs

Setting up for the workshop & unbeknown to us at the time of taking the picture, a massive Orb above Nancy

The Awakening Through the Heart Workshop on Sunday is still active within us. We are still absorbing & assimilating the incredible amounts of energies of high strong laser like frequencies that came through on the day.
We will experience them in waves that can be difficult for the mind to understand. The personality self might feel bothered for we went beyond its understanding & it is still trying to comprehend the energies that came through.

The Space during the day was filled with countless Angelic presences, that was felt and seen by some . This was confirmed afterwards on our way home when we saw the Numbers 4444 & then straight afterwards 1111.

The day was filled with subtle, powerful, intricate weaving of cosmic rays being gifted & I hope that in this week up to Monday we will gently allow the old sediments to go without judgement or deliberation, allowing more & more light to enter our cells.

The energies of this day were also the grounding of high Vibrations into our bodies & lives. Move with the waves, massive amounts of purification is occurring.

Thank you X

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